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How Technology Can Help with Aging in Place

Nearly 90% of seniors prefer to stay in their homes as they age, according to the AARP. As seniors begin needing day-to-day assistance, high-tech monitoring systems and other gadgets can help seniors age in place independently. These technologies also offer family members peace of mind knowing they can easily check on the status of their loved one. The following are a few aging in place technologies to help seniors stay at home longer.

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How to Create a Retirement Budget

When planning for retirement, it’s important to calculate how much money you’ll need for the rest of your life. A retirement budget can lead to less stress and more fun by avoiding common mistakes such as spending your money too soon.

Settling on a retirement budget will put yourself in a place to make smart choices about the retirement lifestyle you want. You may discover trade-offs to enable yourself to retire earlier, travel more, or pursue hobbies.

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When You Shouldn’t Buy Long Term Care Insurance

At LTC Consumer, we believe Long Term Care insurance (LTCI) is an important part of long term care planning, but we understand LTCI isn’t for everybody. In fact, we’re not afraid to tell clients when LTCI may not be the best option for them.

If you’re trying to decide if LTCI is right for you, the following are a few great reasons to consider when exploring your options.

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10 Tips for Respecting People with Dementia

When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, there’s often sadness and confusion around why they aren’t themselves anymore. Many people with dementia become more agitated, short-tempered, and confused by the world around them.

While these behaviors can be difficult to manage, keep in mind the challenges of a debilitating disease your loved one is facing. Learn more about dementia and tips for respecting your loved ones.

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