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Custodial Care and Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance covers two types of care: skilled care and custodial care. Skilled care requires a licensed health professional, and custodial care is to assist with activities of daily living and does not generally require medical training. According to long-term care specialist Thomas Gilmour, custodial care is the primary reason people purchase long-term care insurance, and every plan that LTC Consumer offers currently covers custodial care. Continue reading

How does long-term care insurance work with health insurance?

How does

Today is the first day of spring. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming. It’s a beautiful time of year… to think about long-term care (LTC) planning! Some of you may be wondering, “Does my health insurance pay for my LTC needs?” Or, “Does my long-term care insurance (LTCI) pay for my medical needs?” The short answer is, unfortunately, not necessarily. Both insurances are important, but they cover very different things. Continue reading

LTC Policy Features: What Is Contingent Nonforfeiture?

Contingent Nonforfeiture_

Insurance policy features and terms can sometimes be confusing and difficult to understand. One of the commonly confused Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) policy terms is contingent nonforfeiture. Especially when you hear two versions of nonforfeiture: contingent nonforfeiture and a nonforfeiture rider.

First, we’ll explain what contingent nonforfeiture is and how it benefits policyholders. Then, we’ll discuss what makes the nonforfeiture rider different.

Continue reading