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Why You Should Consider Adult Foster Homes Instead of Assisted Living

When many people hear the term “foster care,” they typically think of the child foster care system. An adult foster care home is a place where older adults who can no longer live independently live with a homeowner who provides the care services they need. Each adult foster care home is licensed by the state.

Care in a private home offers a positive setting for the elderly, aging, and those with disabilities. Adult foster homes offer different levels of care based on an individual’s care needs.

Learn more about the benefits of adult foster care and why this setting may be a great choice for your elderly loved ones. Continue reading

4 Helpful Apps to Manage Your Loved One’s Care

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you’re likely familiar with using apps. But did you know caregiving apps can help make your tasks and priorities more manageable?

Caregiving apps help you keep all important information in one location. Get appointment and medication reminders, record notes from doctor visits, keep a log of activities, coordinate caregivers, and keep family and friends up-to-date with care information and photos of your loved one.

We’ve compiled a list of four popular caregiving apps to help you manage a loved one’s care. While a single app may not do everything you need, try a few to see which one you like best. Most caregiving apps are free or reasonably priced and all work to help make your life easier. Continue reading