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Giving Back: Adopting a Senior for the Holidays

Tomorrow almost my entire family will gather for a delicious Thanksgiving meal, and we’ll gather again for Christmas less than a month later. I’ve been to several Friendsgivings and I’m sure there will be plenty of holiday parties as well. We are very blessed in that way. Other people are not so lucky, especially the elderly. Many older people spend the holidays alone. Spouses have passed, children have moved far away, and friends no longer drive. The thought of this inspired me, and I hope to inspire you, to adopt a senior this year for the holidays. Continue reading

When Forgetfulness Becomes a Concern

If you’re like me, anytime there’s anything wrong with you, you look it up. Why does my fingernail have a strange white mark? Do I have a vitamin deficiency? The ever-ready world wide web is a blessing and a curse. As many people get older and find themselves becoming a little more forgetful, they often wonder about scarier things. If I lost my keys, is that a sign of Dementia? I thought today was Friday, is that a sign of Alzheimer’s? My grandmother would call these “senior moments” and would usually just laugh them off. The not knowing can be scary, and there are a few ways to tell the difference between simply getting older, and perhaps having a medical condition of concern. Continue reading

The Secret to a Successful Retirement: Partnership

The goal of a successful retirement is to be able to do what you want, when you want to. You want to have money for necessities like housing, food, and medical bills, while still being able to travel and spoil your grandchildren. Unfortunately, a long term care (LTC) event can often foil many of those plans. The secret to a successful retirement is to purchase a Partnership-qualified Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) policy. Continue reading

Thanksgiving sets the table for Long Term Care Awareness Month

As you prepare to sit down with your extended family in three weeks to celebrate Thanksgiving, keep in mind that November is also National Long Term Care Awareness Month. This observation month was developed in 2001 by the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance, and the goal was to encourage people to develop a plan for retirement, to protect their wealth and their relationships, and to look into long term care insurance. While it may be an awkward conversation to start, it’s an important one to have. Continue reading

Why Sandwich Generation and Silver Tsunami are Terms you Should Understand

There are many terms tossed around in the long term care world. Activities of daily living, benefit triggers, and cognitive impairment. Contingent nonforfeiture, indemnity, and spending down. But there are two terms that are very important to know and to understand as we get older, plan for our retirements and consider purchasing long term care: Sandwich Generation and Silver Tsunami. Continue reading

Why Subscription Boxes are Great for Seniors

The older people get, the more isolated they often are. Spouses may have passed, friends can no longer drive, and children are busy with their own lives. If seniors are not living in a community or facility that organizes activities, they are often bored, which can lead to depression. A very large portion of my grandmother’s day is spent in her one-bedroom apartment in front of her television. I was wracking my brain the other day trying to brainstorm a birthday present for her, when brilliance struck – subscription boxes! Continue reading

Every Family Experiences a Long Term Care Story, Will Yours Be Prepared?

Almost every person you know has a family story about long term care (LTC). Grandpa had a stroke and Grandma took care of him. Grandma fell and moved in with an aunt. Auntie had complications from diabetes and had to move into assisted living. Uncle started forgetting things and moved into a memory care center. Any of those sound familiar? We plan ahead and purchase insurance for car accidents, house fires, and tooth fillings. So why don’t we spend more time planning for our LTC needs? Continue reading

The Best Tip for LTC Planning Month

Oct is LTC Planning Month

October is Long-Term Care (LTC) Planning Month, and we’ve got a tip to make your plan go as smoothly as possible. The most obvious tip is to speak with one of our LTC specialists. They can consider your age, health, budget, and retirement goals and work with you to find the best insurance carrier and the best LTC product. If you have concerns about certain things you believe may prevent you from qualifying for a policy, our specialists will be able to help you create a plan for you to eventually get coverage. Continue reading

So Many Long-Term Care Plan Options, So Little Time

Deciding what kind of long-term care (LTC) coverage to purchase can be a daunting task. That’s why LTC Consumer specialists are so helpful. They’re brokerage, so they’re not tied to one carrier and one product. Currently they offer ten carriers and a variety of products with each carrier. Working with a specialist at LTC Consumer will alleviate the stress of deciding. We listen to your retirement planning concerns, and we help you find an LTC solution that works best for your situation and your family. We’ve listed some statements below that may help you decide which product best fits your needs. Continue reading

Caregiving Methods that Maintain Dignity for Dementia Patients

All too common in the news are stories of elder abuse in care facilities. Because many of the patients are suffering from various forms of Dementia, they are forgetful or often confused, and are easy targets. On the other side of the spectrum, however, are many caregivers who try various methods to help Dementia patients maintain their dignity and as much of a normal life as possible. Try some of these tactics with your own loved ones, or see that they are implemented at their care facility. Continue reading