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Infographic: LTC by the Numbers, Paying for Care

What is the average annual cost of long-term care (LTC)? What’s the difference in cost between assisted living and a private room in a nursing home? What does home health care cost? In our ongoing infographic series, we dig into these answers and more. In our first Infographic this year we explored who needs LTC and how long they need it. In this week’s Infographic we analyze the cost of various types of LTC facilities, and the surprisingly low income we may have in paying for care. Continue reading

Why Customers Recommend Purchasing Long-Term Care Policies Through LTC Consumer

Why Customers Recommend

When you are ready to purchase long-term care insurance (LTCI) you want to make sure you’re getting the best policy for your needs at the best price for your wallet. At LTC Consumer our agents are from all across the country, have years of experience, and long-term care (LTC) planning is all they do. Customer testimonials say it best when they talk about knowledge, being at ease, being able to compare different plan options with different carriers, and being able to shop from their home on their time. Continue reading

Your Health Is Important Too: Valuable Respite Opportunities for Caregivers

Your Health Is Important Too_ (1)Caregiving can be a challenging role for anyone. It’s often filled with unexpected challenges, including physical and emotional turmoil leading to poor health.

When you become a primary caregiver to an aging loved one, their well-being becomes top priority. However, your health and vitality are just as important. Taking time for respite care will help you stay healthy and strengthen your abilities as a caregiver.

If you’re looking for respite care services and programs to give yourself a break, consider these options. Continue reading

DIY Long-Term Care – How to Self-Insure for a Long-Term Care Event

DIY Long-Term Care -The odds can be a bit worrisome. The typical 65-year-old is expected to live another 20 years and has over a 50% chance of needing some form of long-term care services in their lifetime.

The average cost for long-term care today is around $138,000. Medicaid can cover part of this cost, but only for the impoverished. Long-Term Care insurance (LTCI) helps cover the risk of a long-term care event, but only about 10 million Americans are covered. Continue reading

The Perks and Advantages of Luxury Senior Living

After working hard for most of your life, it’s time to have fun and relax in comfort during retirement. Luxury retirement communities offer the maintenance-free lifestyle and easy-living many retirees hope for.

However, luxury retirement living comes with a price. If you’re considering a luxury retirement community in your future, don’t forget to factor in the extra amenities, features, and services included in the cost. Continue reading

The Trend of Unmarried Couples & How It Impacts Long-Term Care

Marriage is a big commitment. It’s natural for couples to be nervous before jumping in. Recent trends suggest more people are foregoing marriage to cohabitate instead.

What’s Trending: Cohabitation

One reason for an increased interest in cohabitation instead of marriage isn’t just the fear of matrimony, it’s more out of concern of the possibility of it ending. With the prospect of divorce looming over people’s heads, many are more apt to move in with each other versus committing to forever. Continue reading