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Why a Retirement Roommate Might be a Good Option

At LTC Consumer we strive to be your number one resource for long term care planning. We offer long term care insurance education, planning assistance, and free quotes. But we also offer other resources for growing older and retiring in the best possible way for your lifestyle and budget.

One of the largest expenses people have after they retire – aside from long term care – can often be housing. Children move out, maybe a spouse passes away, and all of the sudden the house seems a bit bigger. More and more retired seniors are using services to find a roommate in a similar situation and solve more than one dilemma. Continue reading

Washington State has a new LTC tax, is Your State Next?

The President is proposing a $400 billion Medicaid makeover, one U.S. Representative is suggesting a national, catastrophic, long-term care insurance program, and one state has passed a long-term care payroll tax to begin in 2022. Seems like people are finally paying attention to the Silver Tsunami of aging Americans headed our way, and the lack of funds and care workers to provide for them all. Is your family prepared, and your retirement protected, if something were to happen to you or your spouse and you needed long-term care? Continue reading

Tips to Sleep Better as you Age

Getting a good night’s sleep not only improves our next day, but also improves our health. Adequate sleep improves brain function, cellular turnover, and our immune systems. It can prevent us from getting diseases and slow the aging process. We spend one third of our lives sleeping. So why does it get more difficult as we get older, and what can we do to improve our sleep quality and quantity? Continue reading

The Power of Touch – Comforting our Elderly Loved Ones

You will never understand the importance of touch, until it is absent from your life. It’s one of the things most of us simply take for granted. It’s also one of the worst things the pandemic stole from our senior population. Shaking hands has become taboo, and hugs are absolutely forbidden. As things start opening back up, and we’re able to safely visit once again, make sure to use the power of touch with your elderly loved ones. Continue reading

15 Ways to Love Getting Older

15 Ways to Love Getting Older

I’ve got a milestone birthday coming up, so I’m feeling a bit retrospective. I find myself asking a lot of people what their favorite decade has been, or what they enjoy about getting older. Some of the answers actually make me look forward to aging. After spending the first 40+ years of our lives worrying about wrinkles and grey hairs, it might be nice to just relax and enjoy nature’s show. Or after years of stressing about relationships or what sort of career path we’re going to follow, it seems that as we get older these things have a way of working themselves out. So without further ado, here is LTC Consumer’s take on 15 ways to love getting older: Continue reading

I’ve had COVID, can I still apply for LTC Insurance?

COVID - Can I Still Apply for LTCI?

In a world with COVID everything is different; work, school, and now even holidays. But one thing remains the same, we still need to prepare for the future, protect our retirement, and look into long term care insurance. But what if you’ve been exposed to COVID, tested positive, or even spent time in a hospital? Are you still eligible to apply? Each carrier has a different protocol, but the good news is, yes, you are still eligible – eventually. Continue reading

Why National Check Your Meds Day is Important

Why National Check Your Meds Day is Important

Next Thursday, October 21 is National Check Your Meds Day. It’s a time to review prescriptions and supplements with a pharmacist. Participating pharmacies will remove expired medications, update prescriptions as needed, and answer any questions. It’s a good moment to review what each medication does, how it can affect you, if you’re taking it correctly, and if there’s a more cost-effective alternative. Continue reading

Retirement Living Helps Retirees Make Important Decisions

Planning for your retirement can be an extremely daunting process. You almost never feel completely prepared, and you almost always feel like you started too late in the game. That’s why LTC Consumer is so excited we’ve been featured on the RetirementLiving website. Having done the research for you, RetirementLiving has resources pertaining to your health, your entertainment, and your financial stability. With our forces combined, we can make retirement planning and long-term care (LTC) planning easy, educational, and trustworthy. Continue reading