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So Many Long-Term Care Plan Options, So Little Time

Deciding what kind of long-term care (LTC) coverage to purchase can be a daunting task. That’s why LTC Consumer specialists are so helpful. They’re brokerage, so they’re not tied to one carrier and one product. Currently they offer ten carriers and a variety of products with each carrier. Working with a specialist at LTC Consumer will alleviate the stress of deciding. We listen to your retirement planning concerns, and we help you find an LTC solution that works best for your situation and your family. We’ve listed some statements below that may help you decide which product best fits your needs. Continue reading

Short-Term Care Insurance May Be Alternative You’re Looking For

When you consider a long-term care (LTC) insurance policy, do you find yourself thinking any of these things?

  1. LTC insurance is too expensive.
  2. I have too many health issues for LTC insurance.
  3. I was declined for an LTC insurance policy.
  4. I’m too old for LTC insurance.
  5. I can’t believe LTC insurance charges more for women.

If so, then short-term care (STC) insurance may just be the alternate answer you’re looking for. Continue reading