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About LTC Consumer

LTC Consumer is an independent, free online resource to help individuals understand long term care planning and evaluate long term care insurance (LTC or LTCI). LTC Consumer was developed by MasterCare America, Inc. (MCA), one of the nation’s top long term care planning firms.

About LTC Consumer

At LTC Consumer, we feel it’s important for individuals to get educated on their own terms, research their options, and learn the cost of LTCI coverage – all at their own pace.

LTC Consumer, your Long Term Care Resource, is the first long term care educational site that offers anyone the ability to compare costs from multiple carriers, with multiple benefit options.

If questions arise during the educational process, our team of LTC Specialists are available to help. Hear what people have to say about us here.

Looking Ahead to the Future:

As the baby boomer generation experiences the emotional, financial, and physical costs of caring for aging parents, they’re beginning to understand the need for long term care planning.

While insurance is not the best solution for every person, having a solid plan in place for an extended healthcare event is.

LTC Consumer will continue to focus on educating individuals and being the #1 online resource for long term care planning. Here you’ll receive free, unbiased information on the cost and benefits of insurance that’s easy to digest and understand. If you need help, LTC Specialists are available at any time to answer your questions.

More About MasterCare America:

MasterCare America, Inc. is a national insurance brokerage with nearly 30 years of experience focusing exclusively on long term care insurance.

Our business is to deliver quality plan solutions, support services and education to assist consumers in the long term care insurance planning process. We do this by being a principle-centered organization offering planning expertise and a selection of durable insurance solutions in a professional manner.

We serve consumers through licensed and appointed independent insurance agents for individual and employer based long term care plans.  We have a legacy of helping over 30,000 consumers and their families with long term care insurance planning.  Having this experience gives us insight to understand the planning needs of a broad range of consumers.

Over the years we have learned every consumer is different. Each has their own story, unique family dynamic and need for a solution specific to their health, life-stage and financial resources. We specialize in listening to consumers and developing solutions that will best meet their needs and those of their loved ones.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us.