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Elder Care Resource

Caregiving can be an overwhelming job. Especially if the person in need of care is a loved one.

Studies show that 26% of U.S. families provide care for elderly friends or family members. This requires patience, empathy, and an abundance of time and resources!

The financial commitment of caring for an elderly relative or friend is substantial. However, it’s critical to look beyond the dollars alone.

Who is affected?

More people are affected than the primary care giver. In many situations, there may be a secondary caregiver who contributes financial and/or physical support as well as community resources from friends, extended family, neighbors, and other charitable organizations.

Because of the far-reaching implications, it’s important to have a long term care plan to help prepare for the rigorous, around-the-clock demands of caregiving.

For more information on elder care resources, please visit the website of elder care expert Dr. Marion Somer.

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