NFL players wearing pink shoes, actors wearing red ribbons, talk show hosts pouring buckets of ice water over their heads. Seemingly silly things to solve very serious issues. The best way to encourage research funding for today’s diseases is to get them noticed. Next week I AM ALS and other advocates are gathering in New York’s Times Square and taking over nearly a dozen screens to show the world that curing one disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), could also help cure other progressive neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and many more. They say together we can change the world.


I AM ALS was founded by Brian Wallach and Sandra Abrevaya, two former Obama staffers. Wallach was diagnosed with ALS two years ago and the couple decided to create I AM ALS as a patient-led campaign with a goal of finding a cure. This year alone they have seen federal ALS research funding increased by $10 million, an ALS caucus 70 members strong, and a bagpipe lead parade on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

Cures For All Times Square Takeover

On Tuesday, December 17th at 7:15am EST the Cures for All Times Square Takeover hopes that hundreds or even thousands will gather, and that millions will take notice. On the I AM ALS website is a template where you can print “I will change the world in memory of (blank) who fought (blank).” Or “I will change the world for (blank) who is fighting (blank).” Then post a photo of you holding the sign to your social media pages and tag #CuresForAll. When the Times Square billboards and screens go live from 8-9am they will show these pictures and spread the message.

Progressive Neurodegenerative Diseases

Progressive Neurodegenerative Diseases (PNDs) are incurable, debilitating, and cause progressive degeneration and sometimes death of nerve cells. This causes problems with movement, or mental function. Wallach and Abrevaya believe that bringing awareness to ALS will also help find a cure for other diseases. On their website they say, “…if we cure ALS, we can help unlock critical breakthroughs for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and beyond.” The science behind one cure will reveal cures for the others. Other PNDs include Huntington’s, Prion disease and most dementias. Can you even imagine a world without dementia?

LTC Consumer staffer, Shelley Bohlman, hopes to change the world in memory of her dad, Robert W. Bohlman.
LTC Consumer staffer, Shelley Bohlman, hopes to change the world in memory of her dad, Robert W. Bohlman.

An LTC Plan for PND Care

While I AM ALS was created to help find a cure for many diseases, LTC Consumer was created to help people plan for long term care (LTC). Because all PNDs will most likely eventually require LTC, our aim is to guide consumers in their retirement planning journey and to make sure an LTC plan is in place. If you have questions about long term care insurance, or you’d like a free quote, speak to one of our specialists. They will chat with you about your retirement goals, current health and financial situation, and any concerning family history to help you find the best option for your story.

Create Change

According to I AM ALS “We will win the fight against ALS. The only question is when. The answer to that depends on you.” If you or your loved ones have been affected by a PND, and you’d like to find a cure for one and all, post your photo today, spread the word, or gather in Times Square if you’re able. Let’s do something big and create some change.