The older people get, the more isolated they often are. Spouses may have passed, friends can no longer drive, and children are busy with their own lives. If seniors are not living in a community or facility that organizes activities, they are often bored, which can lead to depression. A very large portion of my grandmother’s day is spent in her one-bedroom apartment in front of her television. I was wracking my brain the other day trying to brainstorm a birthday present for her, when brilliance struck – subscription boxes!

Deciding on a Theme

You can get subscription boxes for almost anything these days. My friends get clothing, makeup, and perfume. My coworkers get meals and recipes to share with their families. For my husband I’ve looked into monthly deliveries for shaving, sports, and games. There are even some pretty crazy ones, like boxes for your dog, a box that features all the fixings for a different cocktail each month, or a box of various types of gourmet cheese!

Subscription boxes can stimulate a senior's brain and encourage creativity.
Subscription boxes can stimulate a senior’s brain and encourage creativity.

Benefits of Subscription Boxes

Sending a senior a subscription box is a great idea for many reasons. It gives them something to look forward to and shows them you’re thinking of them. In my grandmother’s case it forces her to go for a walk to the office to pick up her package – exercise! Plus, depending on which one you choose, it can provide healthy snacks or some sort of brain stimulation. Boxes can normally be tailored to how often they get delivered and what’s included inside.

Meal and Snack Boxes

If your loved one still cooks, you could look at a meal subscription such as HelloFresh, Marley Spoon, or Freshly. These include everything in the recipe and encourage fresh home cooked meals and perhaps even inviting someone over to share them with. In my grandmother’s case that might be a bit much, so I was looking at snack boxes like NatureBox which delivers healthy goodies without all the sugar. There are options for diabetics such as Sugar Smart Box, or for someone who needs to eat more fruits and veggies they could benefit from Daily Harvest which is smoothies.

“Subscription boxes give seniors something to look forward to and shows them you’re thinking of them.”

Hobby Subscription Boxes

Often downsizing has left limited space for seniors’ hobbies. However, a monthly subscription will provide everything necessary for a finished product! My grandmother enjoyed crafting and stationary back in the day, I bet she would like Krazy Kreations which has a card making subscription box. Adults & Crafts Crate sends a different craft project every time.

Learning Boxes

To stave off boredom and stimulate the brain, consider a subscription box that encourages learning. Universal Yums sends snacks from a different country every month and includes a booklet all about that country. Your loved one can feel like they’re discovering the world, without having to leave their home. Coloring and Classics encourages reading, puzzles and activities, and coloring. Scribbler is created by writers for writers and encourages getting all those childhood memories down on paper.

Subscription boxes make excellent birthday and Christmas presents.

No matter what your elderly loved one is into, or used to be into, or may be into one day – there is a subscription box available for them. Do they really need another sweater or box of hard candy?  Probably not. Do some digging and find the perfect box for your senior today.


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