When many people hear the term “foster care,” they typically think of the child foster care system. An adult foster care home is a place where older adults who can no longer live independently live with a homeowner who provides the care services they need. Each adult foster care home is licensed by the state.

Care in a private home offers a positive setting for the elderly, aging, and those with disabilities. Adult foster homes offer different levels of care based on an individual’s care needs.

Learn more about the benefits of adult foster care and why this setting may be a great choice for your elderly loved ones.

Living in Adult Foster Care

Adult foster care is not as intensive as assisted living or nursing home facilities. Care services in the home can vary based on the home’s capabilities. Residents may have a private room or a shared room with another resident based on availability in the home.

With adult foster care, the homeowners live in the home and are trained, certified caregivers. They offer personal and directed care for residents in their home, such as assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, mobility, and medication management.

Other health care providers, such as home health aides and hospice care workers, can be arranged based on a person’s care needs.

Adult Foster Care offers personal and directed care for residents.
Adult Foster Care offers personal and directed care for residents.

A Small, Home-Like Environment

Adult foster care offers a home-like setting with fewer residents in the home (five is the maximum allowed). No other professional care setting offers a 1:5 caregiver ratio.

When moving into a place that resembles a home, the change of living in their home is not as drastic. They also get access to the care and support they need with an in-home caregiver.

Socialization and Activities Available

Opportunities for socializing are also available for residents. Some homes can arrange for transportation to doctor visits, shopping, recreation, and other group social outings.

“Adult foster care offers a home-like setting with fewer residents in the home”

Adult Foster Care Costs Less than Assisted Living

Many elderly are on a limited income and cannot afford the high costs of assisted living facilities or nursing home care. The cost of adult foster care is much less than facility care and may be covered by Medicaid if income eligibility requirements are met.

People Who Benefit from Adult Foster Care

In larger facilities, individuals and families sometimes feel like their care needs are not being met. Adult foster care is a great option for:

  • People with dementia who are often anxious due to unfamiliar surroundings and no one around to comfort them.
  • Residents who don’t want to wait 30 minutes to get help using the restroom.
  • Individuals who have a history of falls, and don’t want to be stranded for several hours.
  • People who may be inclined to isolate themselves in their room due to the overwhelming nature of a larger facility which can lead to feelings of discomfort.

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