We did it! We got through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday! Phew! High-Five! Now we can focus on showering some appreciation on the amazing caregivers in our lives. Last month was National Family Caregivers Month, so we thought this month we’d provide a meaningful caregiver’s gift guide for the 2019 holiday season.

Did you know that 83% of help provided to our older adult relatives is delivered by friends or family members? This list will offer some great ideas to show them how much you appreciate their dedication to your loved one. Every year there are 37 billion hours of long term care provided by unpaid caregivers, which is a value of $470 billion. On average, a caregiver will lose about $15,000 of income a year due to the demands or providing care to those with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. This is an estimated $3 trillion of lost lifetime wages due to unpaid caregiving responsibilities.

So how do we show our gratitude to these amazing humans who care for our loved ones? Listed below are a few suggestions.

Show gratitude to your caregiver by giving them some much needed time off.
Show gratitude to your caregiver by giving them some much needed time off.

A Break from Caregiving

Most companies offer vacation time for their employees. But what about a relative who cares for a family member? How do they get a break? Take over for a day and give them the gift of a break. Or even better, help them plan an entire week of vacation and organize other family members and friends to help in their absence. Nothing is more refreshing than stepping away from your responsibilities for a bit.

A Basket of Relaxation

If a long break is not an option, then perhaps a basket of relaxation. You could include things like wine, candles, and bath products. There are plenty of at-home spa treatments available such as face masks, hair masks, and delicious smelling lotions. Arrange it cute in a basket and this makes an adorable gift.

House Cleaning

Who wouldn’t love someone else to come clean their house? You can provide the service yourself or pay for a maid service. Coming home to a fresh, clean home will surely brighten their spirits after a long day of caregiving. Or if they provide care in their home, having one less thing to do that day will be a wonderful treat.

Date Night

A pair of event tickets such as a concert or comedy show, paired with a restaurant gift card would make the perfect date night for your family’s caregiver.

“At LTC Consumer we are thankful for all who step into the caregiver role and hope that they are shown a little extra love this holiday season.”

Dinner Delivered

As the primary cook in the family, there is just something special about someone else providing the food. I don’t care if it’s delivery or a casserole, your family’s caregiver will appreciate any sort of delivered dinner.

Cute and Cozy

If you know the caregiver’s taste or style, consider a cozy scarf or hat, a fun coffee mug, or a pretty necklace. Etsy is a fantastic resource for local artists.

Spa Day

Self-care is usually the first thing to go when someone becomes a caregiver. Gift them a spa day, and they will be rejuvenated in no time. Massage, facial, pedicure, or manicure – all excellent choices to spoil the one who spoils your loved one.


If you can’t think of anything else, or if your family’s caregiver could use some extra money, most certainly gift them a VISA gift card or cash. I don’t know anyone who has ever been upset by an envelope with cash in it.

Sometimes cash really is the best gift if it's what they really need.
Sometimes cash really is the best gift if it’s what they really need.

Being a caregiver is physically demanding and emotionally draining. Finding someone you trust to care for your loved one is priceless. At LTC Consumer we are thankful for all who step into the caregiver role and hope that they are shown a little extra love this holiday season.

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