You’ve been independent your whole life. You lived where you wanted, you bought the car you liked, and you ate the food you loved. You tried to make the right decisions and the healthy choices that were best for your family. You lived life on your own terms. The goal, as you get older, is to maintain that independence. So how do you accomplish that while still living your best life? How do you continue that feeling of freedom, while seemingly depending more and more on other people? You protect yourself and your loved ones with a long-term care plan.

Celebrate Independence Day by protecting your own independence in retirement.
Celebrate Independence Day by protecting your own independence in retirement.

As you work toward retirement, you are potentially heading into your most vulnerable years. Events with your health can make you frail and defenseless. A stroke can affect mobility, a disease can affect continence, or dementia can affect everything – and everyone you know. This is the time when there can be a lot of life changes. This is the time when you must fight for your independence. Hopefully you’ve put something in place before a life-altering event has happened.

“Maintaining your independence is what long-term care insurance is all about.”

Maintaining your independence is what long-term care insurance (LTCI) is all about. You decide at the time of purchase how much coverage you want, how long you want that coverage for, and how soon you want that coverage to kick in. Owning that policy allows you to live where you want and be cared for in the way that you wish. You will receive funding when you need it and you will be able to preserve your retirement savings. Instead of caring for you, your family and friends can maintain their normal relationships with you. LTCI helps you carry on some semblance of the life that you always imagined, despite a need for additional care.


Protect your lifestyle and speak to one of our specialists today. LTC Consumer’s team provides education and guidance without pressure or up selling. They have decades of experience with all the top-rated carriers. Once you start working with a specialist, they will be your contact through the entire process. Meetings are done through phone calls and screen-sharing at your convenience. All questions are answered, and all options are considered. Get a quote today and find out if LTCI is right for you.


From the LTC Consumer staff and specialists, we wish you and yours a Happy Independence Day.