Our founding fathers adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. For 241 years, the United States has celebrated freedom and independence.

As a nation, our independence is important to us. As individuals, our independence is equally as important. We want the freedom to go where we want to, make our own decisions, and have more options. As we age, our independence can sometimes be reduced by injury, illness, or financial constraints.

That’s why Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) was introduced. To offer policyholders more options, freedom, and independence by providing a financial hedge of protection and the ability to choose how they want to receive care.

LTCI offers freedom and independence in your retirement years when you start planning now. Here’s what you can expect.

LTCI Offers Financial Freedom

At today’s rates, the annual cost of assisted living in Texas is over $40,000. If care is needed for a couple of years (or longer with Alzheimer’s or dementia) a long term care event could wipe out a family’s savings.

Keep in mind, today’s dollar will not be the same in 20-30 years. Long term care costs will be even more expensive due to inflation. LTCI offers the financial freedom families want by protecting their income and assets from unexpected costs.

LTCI Gives You More Options for Care

Without coverage, you may be limited to care at a location you can afford. With LTCI, you have more options for where and how you receive care.

Do you prefer to stay at home with the help of a home care nurse? You can do that. Interested in the social life of independent or assisted living? LTCI has you covered. If memory care or nursing home care is needed at later stages you’re still covered up to your daily or monthly benefit.

LTCI Helps You Stay Home Longer

For many, they don’t want to leave the home they’ve lived in and enjoyed their independence for many years. LTCI can help you stay home longer by paying for upgrades to support your mobility. From grab bars to wheelchair ramps, LTCI offers a benefit to help you stay safe at home.

LTCI Helps Your Family Maintain Their Independence

Often, families pull together during long term care events to help a loved one. But it doesn’t always work that way. Many families are spread across the country and have their own work and family commitments. LTCI offers both you and your family peace of mind knowing you have the help you need physically and financially when they can’t be there 24/7.

At LTC Consumer, we hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful 4th of July! As you celebrate our countries independence, don’t forget about making plans for your own personal independence with Long Term Care insurance.