The Best New Year's Resolution for 2021: Protecting Your Retirement

For your 2021 New Year’s resolution, instead of vowing to lose 10 pounds, study that foreign language, or learn guitar, why not focus on something more tangible and potentially life altering? Why not protect your retirement and your family, and look into long-term care insurance? And while you’re doing that, why not do so with a well-respected and highly experienced team at LTC Consumer.

  • Bill Wetmore: “Our LTC Consumer representative, Bill, was courteous, friendly, and professional in interactions with us. He answered all of our questions and was patient with my husband and me as we had delays due to technical difficulties. He explained LTC options available to us and was prompt to all of our virtual appointments. All of this was very important to us as we make the huge and important decision to purchase LTC insurance.” -Rhonda, TX 9/8/2020 Bill Wetmore
  • Rich Horowitz: “I just completed an application for LTC insurance with Richard. This was the result of a couple of Zoom meetings where Rich provided me with an overview of this type of insurance and all the options available to me. He helped me understand the ins and outs of LTC insurance, which is quite complicated. I felt prepared to make an educated decision after talking with Rich. I also felt comfortable that he was being transparent with me and had a genuine concern to see that I chose the insurance best for my situation. I plan to recommend Richard to friends and family and I don’t do that lightly.” -Rebecca, VA 8/31/2020 RichH_Web_2020
  • Jeff Staudt: “Jeff was amazing to work with. I believe him to be honest and sincere which I greatly appreciated. He made me feel comfortable with the decision I was making and never seemed instrusive or pushy. I truly felt he cared and wanted to help me to make the best decision based on my needs and financial capability. I am completely satisfied with my decision and that is all due to Jeff’s integrity, honesty and caring nature.” -Deborah, CA 11/15/2020 Jeff_Web

Why LTC Consumer?

At LTC Consumer our specialists are what’s considered “brokerage”, meaning they aren’t tied to one insurance carrier and one product. They can listen to your family’s needs, your budget, and your current health, and find a carrier and product to fit your specific requirements.

  • Jonathan Durr: “(Jonathan) went through all the items for an application, answered every question, and helped me pick the best plan. No salesmanship, no hype. Just what I felt was the best plan for me. Finished in an hour and a half. Should have talked to him five years ago. Highly recommend.” -Jill, SC 6/9/2020 Jon_Web_2020
  • Dan Payne: “My agent, Dan, was very informative and helpful. He explained things very well and outlined the best options for my situation. He gave me time to think things over and was not pressuring in any way for me to make an immediate decision. I like that Dan was understanding and asked questions that pertained to my situation to help me make a better decision on the insurance that I would like or need (both on price and coverage).” -Christopher, AZ 11/14/2020 DanPayne
  • Cathy Flanagan: “Catherine has a great understanding and is very knowledgeable of the intricacies of such a complex insurance product as long term care. Her experience and guidance helped me make the proper decisions regarding the selection of my long term care plan. With her assistance I am confident that I have the protection I need for the very best value for my premium dollars spent. Once again, thank you Catherine.” -John, MI 12/04/2020 Cathy Web

How does it work?

You can simply request a quote, and an agent will reach out to you via email or phone, whichever you prefer. They will explain the product options, listen to your specifications, and make recommendations – all over the phone and screen sharing. You will have one specialist who walks you through the entire process, and whatever pace you’re comfortable with. You’ll have their email address, their phone number, and their expertise.

  • Sarae Kasai: “Sarae was very helpful and knew what she was selling very well. She kept things simple and explained things well. She also took her time and didn’t try to hurry us through anything and even would go back to explain things to us again as needed. Sarae was very personable and asked about us and how things were down in Texas during this crazy time. And at the end, she would even apologize for running long on the appointment. No apology necessary for a job well done. Thank you ma’am!” -Russell, TX 5/21/2020 Sarae_WebSquare
  • Millie Frambach: “Nothing but the highest praise for Millie during the entire application process. She was thorough, clear in her explanations, prompt to return phone calls and emails, and always ensured that I knew the next steps and when those steps would occur. For a decision as complex and important as LTC insurance, Millie made it simple and easy. I talked with three other brokers during my evaluation of LTC – but purchased through Millie because of her helpfulness, advice, and overall great rapport.” -William, AL 9/27/2020 MillieFrambach
  • Tom Gilmour: “Although I had done some research, I still needed a knowledgeable, experienced Zander rep to explain more about long-term care insurance to me. Tom was that rep, and he was patient, kind, cheerful, and thorough in educating me about my options. I am thankful for his help.” -Rosanne, SC 7/30/2020 Tom_Web3

Who should get LTC Insurance?

If you’re wealthy enough to pay for it on your own, without a financial worry, then you probably don’t need LTC Insurance. If you’re paycheck to paycheck and most likely to qualify for Medicaid, then you won’t need LTC Insurance. But if you’re somewhere in the middle, like millions of Americans, then it’s worth looking into. There are very robust plans, and very scaled back plans, and your specialist can help you find one you’re comfortable with.

  • Lisa Freeman: “I have been very pleased with my experience and the service I received from Lisa. She was very thorough, patient with my questions and request for clarity, and researched to make sure I would qualify. I appreciated her input and suggestions, yet she made it clear it was my decision. I would happily utilize her help again and would make recommend her to others I hear may be looking into LTC insurance.” -Debbie, MI 10/22/2020 Lisa_Web2
  • Jeffrey Reindl and Michael Tollefsrud: Jeffrey ad Michael are both new to the team this year and looking forward to assisting many people with their long term care plans this next year.

Finally, a resolution you can keep!

LTC Consumer prides itself on education, no pressure, and amazing customer service. As you can see from the kind words above, people do not regret working with our specialists. If you think you’re too young or too old, too rich or too poor, too unhealthy or even too healthy – it’s still worth looking into. Our specialists have been doing this for years, it’s all they do, and they look forward to helping you and your family protect what’s most important in the new year. Request a quote today, and start your new year off right.

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