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Tom Gilmour

Consumer Specialist

Consumer Specialist - https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-gilmour-8185642a/

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Tom grew up in North Dakota, graduating from the University of North Dakota with a B.S. in Mathematics. In 1979, he moved to Texas and started a twenty-five year career in advertising sales. Tom and his wife Tracy have four adult children, two sons and two daughters. During his advertising career he won numerous awards for sales achievements and customer satisfaction.

A difficult ordeal with his father involving nursing home care, prompted Tom to switch careers . This stirred the passion he carries today to help families plan for their long term care needs.

Tom is licensed and partnership certified in over 15 states. Using computer webinars has enabled him to reach out to areas of the country that do not have agents trained in long term care. Tom regularly conducts seminars for attorneys, financial planners, accountants, insurance advisors, church groups, associations and companies that are interested in an education on long term care.

NIPR: 8993026
Licensed in: AR (#8993026), FL, GA, MI, MO, NC, NJ, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX (#1427432), WI

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Here's what people have to say about Tom Gilmour...

“Tom gave a very complete and thorough (review) of long-term care insurance options and considerations. He answered questions that I had not thought of, teaching me about the product rather than selling it to me. I highly recommend him.”

“Although I had done some research, I still needed a knowledgeable, experienced Zander rep to explain more about long-term care insurance to me. Tom was that rep, and he was patient, kind, cheerful, and thorough in educating me about my options. I am thankful for his help.”

“Tom with Zander Insurance contacted us immediately to provide options for long term care insurance. He was experienced and knowledgeable about the product, sharing details and working patiently to ensure we understood the best options to fit our needs and budget. I would highly recommend Tom to those who are seeking long term care insurance.”

“I just got my LTC Consumer policy and didn’t have any complaints. I got it in the mail two days ago and mailed it back.”

“I heard about long term care insurance (LTCI) through a Dave Ramsey podcast. I researched this insurance and realized it was something we should have. Went to Zander Insurance and my contact (at LTC Consumer) was Thomas. He was very helpful, and gave me a lot of information. Tom walked me through everything. I now have LTCI and feel much better going forward in life. I would highly recommend Zander Insurance and also Tom (at LTC Consumer). Thank you.”

“He was very straight forward and was not pushy. Just told us the facts.”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“That he showed us all our options and let us make our own decision from them.”

“Represents quality companies, explains process well. Prompt responses, answered my questions, easy to work with.”

“Tom explains the product well. Not pushy but helps you understand the importance and gives you time to make an informed decision.”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“Pleasant, informative, low pressure.”

“There was such ease in talking with our agent. He was very personable and knowledgeable. Educated me very well on the product we were considering. Our agent provided every thing we needed to make a educated decision.”

“LTC is a very hard thing to buy as a consumer. It is not a consumer friendly “Amazon” type thing to purchase. Tom made my experience very smooth and he coached my girlfriend and I every step of the way. He was very patient bringing us up to speed and his calm demeanor was very much appreciated.

First, explaining the need for LTC is a big hurdle. Most people don’t want to think about it and most don’t want a monthly bill for something they may not use. That being said, I would recommend LTC Consumer because I tried three other Insurance salesmen, and they did not make me feel comfortable. Finally finding your company was a big relief. Finally someone could walk us through the process in a relaxed and conversational manner. The power point presentation was a big deal for us. It could use some polishing up but overall it sealed the deal.”

“Knowledgeable representative, contacts were on time, patient service.”

“Clear, thorough explanations. He was very patient and made sure all questions were answered before moving on.”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“That it is a thorough, complex process, but this representative will walk you through it every step of the way.”

“Detailed answers. Quick responses to questions/concerns. Gave clear examples that were easy to understand. Tom was very helpful and took the time to understand our individual situation. He made a complex subject much easier to understand.”

“(Tom) explained the product well, how it worked, the process to get LTC, example costs.”


What did you find most useful about this process?

“Good understanding about LTC that I really didn’t have before.”


What would you tell them about your experience?

“Low pressure, good explanation of product.”

“We received education, time, and concern through the process. The webinar approach was helpful to walk through the information. We received timely responses to our questions and lots of patience through our lack of comfort with the subject matter.”


What did you find most useful about this process?

“Webinars, charts, general information, and answers to questions. It was also helpful when he shared some of his personal challenges and decisions.”

“Mr. Gilmore is very knowledgeable with LTC and answered every question or concern that we had. I have already recommended Mr. Gilmore to friends.”


What did you find most useful about this process?

“The different plans along with different scenarios that were presented to my husband and I.”

“Tom is very easy to understand. He is patient with my questions and doesn’t mind explaining things when I have additional questions. No pressure to purchase… very informative.”


What did you find most useful about this process?

“Having the webinar and being able to spend the time asking questions.”

“Exceptional knowledge and customer service. Simple, informative, and understandable.”


What did you find most useful about this process?

“Online communication, and the representative’s willingness to work around our schedule.”

“Tom was very responsive, organized and on-time for our scheduled meetings. The experience, so far for the review of options, pricing and completing the application was very smooth.”


What did you find most useful about this process?

“The Power Point Presentation outlining options, explaining each.”

“Tom is a knowledgeable, honest educator who is not a high pressure sales person. Not pushy, and I learned more about the affordability of long term care insurance.”

What did you find most useful about this process?

“Tom’s explanation of what to expect during the process.”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“Tom’s detailed explanations and guidance through the process.”

“Great experience and made it simple for us to make a decision whether or not to go ahead with the application process. We knew basically nothing about LTC and everything was explained in detail and follow up calls were made to go over any further questions we had. (Tom was) knowledgeable, prompt, kind. He explained everything to our satisfaction.”

“Tom was very detailed in his explanation and offered good, sound advice regarding the nurse interview. There was no pressure to buy, just as he said there would be no pressure.”


What did you find most useful about his process?

“The thoroughness of the presentation and application process.”

“Tom has been very easy to work with and very informative. I learned how intricate the long term care insurance process is. (Potential buyers) need to have this type of insurance explained to them before buying.”

“Tom was prompt in all communications, and thorough in explaining not only the process, but also product options. We were not ‘pushed’ toward any product, we were given materials to make decisions we were seeking.”

“Tom was very knowledgeable and worked with our schedule to find a plan we liked. (He) provided several options and the costs for care, plus the information to know what to expect with inflation. It was clear and we felt Tom was trying to find the best plan for us.”