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Jonathan Durr

Consumer Specialist

Consumer Specialist - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-durr-68672198/

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Growing up as the son of one of the industry’s leading long term care insurance producers, Jonathan is intimately familiar with the long term care insurance space and brings a wealth of educational knowledge to his clients. Jonathan realized the vital importance of long term care insurance after personally watching three of his four grandparents need unexpected long term care, and he experienced the strain it placed both on family members and finances. He made it his passion to help people avoid similar situations in their own lives. His clients consistently appreciate his candor and understanding as he works to educate and inform.

After graduating with honors from Lamar University in Texas with a bachelor’s in History and a minor in Business, Jonathan immediately became licensed and joined the family wealth advisory practice, working alongside his father to help their clients protect the people they love and the assets they have diligently worked to accumulate. He was recognized as a leader in the insurance industry early on, qualifying as a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). In addition, as a fiduciary investment advisor representative with Brookstone Capital Management, a registered investment advisory firm, Jonathan helps his clients understand how to both protect and grow their assets. Jonathan enjoys speaking to groups, businesses, and associations, educating his audience on long term care insurance and other financial matters.

In their spare time, Jonathan and his wife participate in a small ministry which he founded among orphans in rural Zambia, Africa. He tries to travel there at least once a year. When not busy with work or church activities, Jonathan and his wife enjoy exploring their native Texas and fellowshipping with family and friends.

NIPR: 16948499

Licensed in: AR (#16948499), FL, GA, IA, IL, KY, LA (#615892), MI, MO, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX (#1825457), UT (#715392), VA, WA

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Here's what people have to say about Jonathan Durr...

“We were very pleased with our experience with (Jonathan). VERY professional, knowledgeable, and kept us at ease! He explained everything in great detail and made sure we understood each step of the process to obtain long term care insurance. We would definitely recommend him to friends and family.”

“Jonathan went above and beyond to help me find the long term care plan that would work for me. He thoroughly explained the plans, what is provided and the costs. He is professional and compassionate. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family. I’m very happy to know my future has a plan in place, thank you Jonathan!”

“Jonathan (was) very patient and fully explained the process. We talked more than one time – he answered all of my questions and made a difficult decision as easy as could be. Very thorough which I appreciate.”

“Jonathan helped me put together a long term care insurance policy that addressed my needs and budget. He did an outstanding job of simplifying the conversation and ensuring I understood what was being presented during the coure of our meeting. I would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan to any of my family or friends.”

“I started looking at Long Term Care Insurance based on Dave Ramsey’s advice. So I went to the Zander Insurance website, completed the form, and soon after I receved a call from Jonathan. An appointment was made to discuss our options in more detail, and in no time Jonathan found a policy that met our needs. He was extremely professional and thorough. It was a pleasure working with him.”

“Jonathan was incredily detailed in the way he explained Long Term Care insurance to me. He was courteous, responsive to questions, excellent information provided regarding my questions, he was also very patient since we had some technical difficulties with Zoom video conferencing. I was having trouble downloading it to my computer and he waited calmly for about 10 minutes while I troubleshooted the problem on my pc. When I was finally able to open the app and video conference with him, he displayed a lot of poise as he explained the value this coverage provides and compared different providers and even how inflation would play a part in the value of long-term care and how each individual company deals with this issue. I was very satisfied with his professionalism and would absolutely recommend him to friends and family if they need this service. Regards, Alejandro.”

“We began this journey thinking we wouldn’t be able to afford long-term (care) insurance. Jonathan continued to search different companies and came up with an affordable plan that we are happy with. I would definitely recommend Jonathan to anyone who is searching for options. He listens to your needs and is prompt/respectful of your time.”

“Jonathan has helped us with an important life decision to secure long term care insurance. From the first phone call, he has been 100% amazing. His knowledge and guidance are exactly what we needed and because of that, we made our decision. Every company needs a Jonathan!”

“Terrific experience working with Jonathan. I was presented with a wide range of options, and we narrowed them down to one that I feel gives me exactly what I was looking for. Jonathan was very patient as this was a rather long decision process for me.”

“Jonathan did an excellent job explaining all of our long term care options. He was extremely thorough, knowledgeable and transparent – and we would recommend his services to everyone looking to purchase long term care insurance.”

“Jonathan made the LTC planning and application process painless. My experience included rapid replies to inquiries, patience and understanding to provide me with all the necessary information to make educated decisions, and a few laughs to soften the process.”

“This has been a great experience working with Jonathan. If I could, I would give him 10 stars. He was courteous, respectful, professional, thorough, and made the Long Term Care Insurance easy to understand. Jonathan was punctual with appointment times, and has great people skills.”

“I appreciated the process with Jonathan. From the initial setting up of the meeting; to the weekly reminder of the meeting; the process of logging in for the meeting – seamless. The introduction of how we would move through the meeting was very helpful. I was then able to wait on all my initial questions because I knew they would be answered as we moved through the meeting. Jonathan took his time to explain each step and allow me to ask questions or voice concerns.

Jonathan answered questions from the professional point of view; but when I wanted a personal opinion, he gave his view point. Our conversation was good dialogue to make sure I was making the best decision for myself. Jonathan gave me the time to look at several companies; then we narrowed it down to two. This took some time to discuss the two companies and the product. Jonathan answered my concerns by giving long view scenarios to think about and discuss.”

“(Jonathan) went through all the items for an application, answered every question, and helped me pick the best plan. No salesmanship, no hype. Just what I felt was the best plan for me. Finished in an hour and a half. Should have talked to him five years ago. Highly recommend.”

“Jonathan was extremely knowledgeable and took great care and spent time explaining everything to us in an understandable way. The program he used was easy to follow and we felt good about his suggestions. We felt he wanted to help us make the best decision for us. It’s obvious that he cares about his clients and enjoys his job and helping people.”

“Jonathan was very pleasant, and knowledgeable. He explained things extremely well and gave me the opportunity to ask questions. He was very professional and did not become upset when I answered a health question wrong. This resulted in him having to redo the application. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

“My husband and I are very pleased with the assistance (Jonathan) gave us during our search for LTC Insurance. Additionally, he has assured us that he will stay with us through the process of underwriting, assisting us in any way necessary during that time. At this time, we would recommend him to a friend. We will follow up once the entire process has been completed.”

“Jonathan did a great job laying out the LTC landscape for us and helping us to make a good decision. He is a real pro and extremely knowledgeable. We felt he went out of his way to be transparent. We had the confidence to sign up at the end of his presentation and he facilitated the application smoothly. One thing: the process can be time-consuming, so make sure you have a good window.”

“Jonathan was on time and answered all of our questions. He gave us several options to choose from. There was no pressure from him for us to make a decision. He seemed to be very well informed of the options that were available. I would recommend him to anyone I know.”

“Jonathan did a thorough job of explaining our options with the various policies and carriers. He remained patient while answering our many questions and addressing any concerns we had. We received a good product that we could manage now and even with a future reduced family budget as we plan on in retirement.”

“Knowledgeable, Jonathan took his time making sure we understood all of our different options. (He) was kind, considerate, and professional.”

“Jonathan was very knowledgeable and made sure we understood our policies. (He) was experienced, knowledgeable, and understanding.”

“Jonathan was the most professional, knowledgeable, kind person I have ever worked with. (He) was able to look at our situation and quickly find products to meet our needs. He was never pushy, but very patient and kind. Additionally he was able to answer all of our questions and help resolve all of our questions.”

“He was well prepared and answered all my questions. Rep was well prepared and has specific answers to your questions.”

“Jonathan Durr was patient with us through the process; he gave us several options and gave thorough explanations so we can understand. It is quite the educational journey that lets you make the best decision for your family needs.”

“Prompt, professional, and thorough. He was very interested in his client being absolutely clear on all details of the product.”

“Patient and respectful.”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“Made it easy to apply for long term care insurance.”

“Wonderful personality, very knowledgeable and informative. You will know more than you did about the subject with no pressure what-so-ever.”

“I give Jonathan Durr five stars plus, because I was presented the utmost show of true concern for my needs, and not just a chance to make a sale. Jonathan was very professional and is a great representative of the company. He also answered questions for me before I could ask them; he seemed to have read my mind. He is very knowledgeable, and I am so happy that he was appointed to handle my long term care planning.”

“Jon was very informative and a great teacher about the product and process. It was pleasant, informative and ultimately met our needs. Jon gave us many options and led us through with patience and kindness.”

“Jonathan was knowledgeable, friendly, courteous, and thorough. He answered all my questions and was prompt in his replies and correspondence.”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about this experience?

“It was thorough, easy, and painless!”

“Jonathan will let you make the decisions for what you want with no pressure to buy something more than you are comfortable with. Jonathan was very professional and knowledgeable.”

“Jonathan was well versed on his business and you are backed by Dave Ramsay… it doesn’t get any better than this! Jonathan was extremely well informed, gave us several options and explained them thoroughly and ultimately made us feel we had made a great choice!”

“Jonathan provided top-notch consultation, and helped me determine the best plan to meet my needs. Jonathan is very knowledgeable about LTC planning, and he helped me determine the best option for me.”

“Good work, dedicated professional. Great experience with Jonathan, he is a well spoken and informed professional.”

For what reasons did you give a scare of 5 out of 5 starts for your overall satisfaction?

“Knowledgeable, professional, and concise advise and direction.”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“A very needed protection if over 60 and this is the best place / person to get your quotes.”

“Jonathan was informed, professional and trustworthy. I truly believe he wanted to sell us the best product at the best price.”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“Easy process. Honest and personable assistance. All questions answered quickly and credibly. Highly recommended!”

“Jonathan was always helpful, ready to explain any question posed.”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“Knowledgeable and friendly representative. Just be prepared to invest a little more time than expected in order to get (and give) all information/answers.”

“Jonathan spent the time to fully explore insurance options with us and patiently answer all of our questions. He was very knowledgeable about the insurance products we were interested in.

Jonathan really helped us to understand the pros and cons of the different offerings from various companies. There was no pressure. He was great.”

“Very knowledgeable and great customer service.”

“Agent was very professional.”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“That the agent was fast answering my questions and thorough.”

“He was patient when I had difficulty understanding some of the details of the policy. He helped me to fully understand any point of the plan before he would move on. It was an overall stressless experience.”

“Jon went above and beyond to get me the right policy for me. He knows his products.”

“My agent was wonderful at answering all my questions. He never pressured me or rushed me in any way. Honesty and integrity.”

“Knowledgeable and pleasant. Very helpful.”

“I appreciated the thoroughness and promptness of the process. Jonathan Durr knows the product and was able to match them with our needs.”

“The information was explained very clearly in a manner that was easy to understand.”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“That (we found) the policy that is right for our needs and (Jonathan is) very helpful with any questions we might have.”

“Very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable representative. Made me feel comfortable, and secure.”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“That I was 100% satisfied with the results.”

“Very professional and patient, explained every step so we understood it completely. Made us feel secure and safe in our decisions. With us all the way. Thanks.”

“Jonathan is very patient and knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions, and I feel like he led us to a policy that is going to meet our needs and be realistically priced for us. He also showed us some options that we had not considered or even known about. Talk to Jonathan Durr. He is excellent.”

“Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I would say that the overall experience in dealing with my specialist and long-term care has been exceptional.”

“Jonathan Durr was very patient, explained and answered all questions. Understanding, patient and well-informed.”

“(He showed) concern for our well being and choosing the best policy for our needs. Jonathan seemed to have our best interests at heart. Was always willing to move the policy in different modes for us to see what we wanted to decide on.”