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Sarae Kasai

Consumer Specialist

Consumer Specialist - https://www.linkedin.com/in/saraekasai

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Sarae joined the long term care insurance (LTCI) industry after having experienced hardship on both sides of her family. She quickly learned that far too many people are not educated about the risks associated with needing long term care services and wanted to help more families create a plan to protect their loved ones against that risk.

Sarae holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Education from Portland State University. At Portland State she worked with career counselors to help students get set up with Job Studies and Internships. She found love helping others find work and discovering new potential, so she spent the next couple years as a Recruiter for a national organization. Sarae’s desire to help others is achieved in working with consumers looking into Long Term Care. She wants to educate as many people as possible!

As a native Oregonian, Sarae spends most of her free time outdoors with her husband, their son and daughter, and their two dogs.

NIPR: 17674764

Licensed In: AZ, CA (#0L96516), CO, FL, ID, IN, MN (#40588799), MO, NJ, OH, OR, PA, TX (#2321566), UT (#702875), VA, WA

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Here's what people have to say about Sarae Kasai...

“I enjoyed working with Sarae. She worked within my needs and budget to provide multiple options. She also found a great option with a life insurance policy with a long term care rider. I recommend working with Sarae to anyone shopping for Long Term Care Insurance.”

“My wife and I had a great experience exploring our options for long term care insurance. Sarae expertly guided us through the whole process answering all our questions and concerns. We now feel that our new policy will be a good fit for us.”

“When I started this process with Sarae and LTC Consumer I had a lot of questions. Sarae answered every question I had, thoroughly with knowledge, patience and outstanding professionalism. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with Sarae and LTC Consumer Thank you Sarae!”

“Sarae was very helpful and knew what she was selling very well. She kept things simple and explained things well. She also took her time and didn’t try to hurry us through anything and even would go back to explain things to us again as needed. Sarae was very personable and asked about us and how things were down in Texas during this crazy time. And at the end, she would even apologize for running long on the appointment. No apology necessary for a job well done. Thank you ma’am!”

“I went through Dave Ramsey’s website to look for Zander Insurance. I then went to Zander Insurance, which was how I looked for long-term care insurance. Next thing I know, I got a call from the LTC Consumer people. (Sarae) was very knowledgeable and helpful. Everything worked out really great.”

“The consumer specialist, Sarae, has been dedicated to providing us the best long term care planning. She was professional and had in-depth knowledge of the product and process. We are glad to work with her. We recommend her services to anyone in need of this type of service.”

“We worked with Sarae to explore options for Long Term Care Insurance. Sarae was able to answer all our questions and was very thorough in explaining the process to us. We would use Sarae in the future for any insurance needs.”

“I liked the way that LTC Consumer was represented and decided to use them. I thought very highly of the rep. She was very thorough, provided continuous follow-up, and had good communication.”

“We’ve been very satisfied with LTC Consumer. Everything has been fantastic and it was a very easy experience.”

“There’s no getting around the fact that you have to look up a bunch of information about your medical history, but the agent I worked with, Sarae, was friendly and took the time to work with me. I probably wouldn’t have done this if I’d had to wade through this on my own.”

“Sarae was thorough, not pushy, and had the heart of a teacher. She answered all of our questions and concerns to our satisfaction. The videos recommended before our first appointment were very informative. Sarae was thorough without being pushy and was very easy to talk to in getting our questions answered.”

“She was professional and helpful throughout the process. Very positive and personal service.”

“Sarae was clear in her explanations, patient, kind, courteous, attentive, informative, professional. She was prompt with replies and right on time with appointments.”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“I would explain why it’s important to have LTC Insurance and then I would tell them about the ease of understanding the coverage and about the benefits of having the coverage.”

“Sarae was clear in her description of several of the products, patient with all my questions and patient with the amount of time I took to make my decision. She stayed in contact along the way without being intrusive. Great to work with her!”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience? 

“I would tell them that the education was thorough, that I asked many questions which were answered in everyday language, and that the person speaking with me assisted me in products that were tailored to my unique situation.”

“Very professional and patient. Not pushy. Great information and options. Easy to work with.”

“I was able to get my questions answered and sign up for LTCI. It was as easy as could be expected given the amount of information that was required and (Sarae) made the process easy.”

“Great communication, open and honest, fast process. Sarae was kind, considerate, open and honest about the process, informative and spoke at a level I could understand well.”

“Great follow up. My schedule was extremely busy and she would touch base periodically. She was never pushy, always maintained a high-level of professionalism. Very thorough.”

“Sarae was very nice and easy to work with. Explained everything well, was thorough but quick.”

“You all are amazing and helped our family so much along the way, talking about every type of product out there and every potential issue. We are picky customers and you all went above and beyond. Thanks!”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“That you all made a super complex consumer process very easy and straightforward and answered every question we had promptly. Would happily recommend to friends or family.”

For what reason did you give a score of 5 out of 5 starts for your overall satisfaction?

“For being patient and thoroughly answering my questions over several weeks.”

“Sarae was amazing to work with, made my husband and I feel extremely comfortable during the process, and took time to ensure all our questions were answered. I have already recommended Sarae and (LTC Consumer) to a couple of individuals as the experience that we have had I would recommend to others.”

“Always very professional and courteous and prompt.”

“She worked with us regarding a few minor issues and was willing to take the time and helped explain things to suit our needs. Prompt attention, reasonable rates.”

“She was a pleasure to work with. Very helpful and answered all my questions in a timely matter. Very good at helping educate about the options of long term care and the ramifications of the each option.”

“She is very patient and takes time to answer our questions. Brought understanding to a complex topic.”

“Sarae was so friendly and down to earth. She is very knowledgeable about the products and process and also very patient and willing to help any way that she can. She’s great! Sarae is associated with a Christian-based company and truly wants to assure that our needs are covered in a way we can afford.”

“(Sarae) could answer any questions regarding what I was wanting, polite and punctual. She made it easy to find out what I wanted. (She was) responsive, polite, informative.”

“Sarae is very knowledgeable and thorough and makes the process simple and understandable.”


What did you find most useful about this process?

“Understanding benefits of the plan I selected.”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“Sarae is delightful to work with and will help them to accomplish their goals.”

“Sarae is very knowledgeable about this product and is very pleasant to talk to.”


What did you find most useful about this process?

“Putting the different levels in a side-by-side format.”

“Sarae has been very helpful and friendly. She knows the product and can explain options very well. It is a straight forward process.”


What did you find most useful about this process?

“Sarae being able to share screens with me as we walked through the process.”

For what reason did you give a score of 10 out of 10 for your overall satisfaction?

“(I) felt like she provided me with all the information I needed to make a good decision.”