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Jeff Staudt

Consumer Specialist

Consumer Specialist - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeff-staudt-cltc-06b5a110b

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Jeff has been in the insurance industry since 2001 working with advisors and clients in life insurance, retirement and Long Term Care planning. He has helped to protect many clients and their families from the financial and emotional devastation that extended health care events can bring. It’s because of Jeff’s personal story that inspires him to passionately work with each and every client. He knows the profound importance of having the protection discussion before a potential event occurs and appreciates the opportunity to create custom solutions for each client based on their unique needs.

Jeff attended the University of Oregon and lives with his wife and four children in Olympia, WA. He enjoys family time, exercise, reading, music and learning more about the blessings around him. He loves to encourage people in all phases of life to think big, believe and go for it! He hopes to work with you for many years and encourages you to Win The Day!

NIPR: 9079336

Licensed In: AK, CA (1069016), GA, NC, TN, TX (2484397), WA

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Here's what people have to say about Jeff Staudt...

“I was referred to Jeff through the Dave Ramsey website and Zander Insurance. I chose this route instead of trying to find someone here because I know when they are affiliated with Dave they are required to have a heart of a teacher. Jeff did not disappoint, he was very thorough and made sure I understood all the options. I told him I felt schooled, not sold. I felt very comfortable talking with him even though we were talking remotely. I will definitely recommend Jeff if I come across people who need (LTC) insurance.”

“My experience with Jeff could not have been more positive. He is incredibly knowledgeable and answered question after question. To summarize, it’s like someone you’ve known for a long time that you instantly trust and like and as you move through the process of helping each family or individual figure out the puzzle with their unique set of circumstances. I couldn’t be more appreciative!!”

“My wife and I were shopping for LTC and Jeff provided an exceptional overview of the various products and how they were structured for inflation. Jeff had proven experience in this industry and was more than able to answer our numerous questions. We spent a couple of briefing sessions together on Zoom and decided to move forward with an application. I found LTC insurance to be fairly complex and Jeff made it easy to understand.”

“True professional. Jeff has been such a great help guiding us through this process. His kind spirit comes through. We have full confidence Jeff will give us the best chance to be successful. Although only speaking a handful of times on the phone, I consider him a friend.”

“Jeff has been EXCELLENT to work with!! He is very knowledgeable, supportive, patient, comprehensive. He is very accommodating with his time. He goes way beyond with his efforts consistently. I trust him and his judgments very much!! I would not want to work with anybody else. I hope to work with him more over time.”

“I would highly recommend Jeff at LTC Consumer. He did an excellent job helping me with my long-term care insurance planning needs and with completing my long-term care insurance policy. Jeff is very knowledgeable and very caring to ensure his customer needs are met with high customer service. Thanks, Jeff.”

“Jeff is the ultimate professional. He’s personable, knows his product, and stayed on top of the process even when I dragged my feet. I will definitely call him to insure other family members. I’m recommending Jeff to others.”

“Jeff was patient and honest regarding the process of determining my options for LTC insurance. He answered all my questions, submitted several options, made sure I understood exactly what I was and was not applying for. I am confident I made an informed choice due to his careful explanations. I really enjoyed his no pressure style of presentation.”

“Jeff worked with me and my husband through the application process for long term care. We couldn’t have been more satisfied with the customer service he provided. He was knowledgeable, efficient, and very pleasant to work with.”

“Having never bought LTC insurance I have nothing to compare my experience with. However, it has been fairly painless thanks to my insurance agent Jeff. He took the time to clearly explain the products and process. He provided three quotes for us to choose from, and there was no pressure on which we chose. Having looked into LTC insurance previous to speaking with Jeff I know he was providing adequate quotes for where we live. I recommend Jeff.”

“I have been researching long term care insurance with Jeff, and cannot say enough good things about his expertise and integrity. He also tunes in so nicely into what works best for the customer. I appreciate the opportunity to work with Jeff.”

“Getting Long Term Care with Jeff was easy and reassuring. I had many questions as we were walked through the process and they were all answered to my satisfaction. My husband and I felt no pressure at all during the process. Thank you Jeff for helping us with a decision that we will not regret!”

“I emailed Zander Insurance and within a couple of hours Jeff called. He was prompt and prepared with information that I needed. He was thorough, very courteous and respectful of my time.”