• Will my children be able

    to afford the care I need?


Planning for Retirement Healthcare: 3 Critical Components

Planning for the golden years means not just planning for what income is needed to retire but also what new additional costs may arise.  Studies show that many Americans have not considered the costs of healthcare in retirement and the impacts that these costs can have on outliving their money.   According to a 2014 Fidelity Investment article, the average retiree will spend a total of $220,000 for healthcare. Continue reading

Why Long Term Care Insurance Costs More for Women

Age is an issue of mind over matter.  If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

-Mark Twain

Most people know that women live longer than men on average.   According to a CIA 2014 study, women in the US have a life expectancy of 82 and men 77.  According to Time Magazine, Gertrude Weaver from Arkansas just celebrated her 116th birthday on July 4th as the oldest living American!  Living a long life has its advantages; but often times as we age, unfortunately, our health and mobility aren’t able to keep up. Continue reading

Will Medicare, Medicaid pay for Long Term Care?

No, and Yes.

Many Americans are surprised when they learn that Medicare generally does not cover long term care (LTC). They often learn this right after finding out that their regular health care insurance does not cover LTC either. (There are exceptions under certain policies in some states; consult your financial advisor or insurance agent to find out about coverage in your case.) Continue reading