Father’s Day is a great time to thank our Dad’s for their hard work of providing for us, teaching us right from wrong, and sending us off into adulthood with a fighting chance.

What you may not realize is Father’s Day can be a great time to start the conversation about long term care and the future.

While many may want to avoid such a topic on a day designated to celebrate Dad, it’s an important conversation every family should have.

The Facts

  • 70% of seniors will need long term service and support because of physical or cognitive impairment. The average length of time a senior adult will need assistance with activities of daily living is 3 years.
  • 48% of people age 40 or older say they will need long term care as they age, but only 35% say they’ve set aside funds to pay for their long term care needs.
  • Approximately 72% of baby boomers whose parents had long term care insurance said it was a “good value” for reasons such as increasing quality of life, preserving their parents’ nest egg, and lessening the family’s financial contribution to care. Of those baby boomers whose parents did not have coverage, 71% said that long term care coverage would have benefited their families.

Find these facts and more here.

Need a few talking points to get you rolling? The following topics and questions can help you start the long term care talk this Father’s Day.

Conversation Starters for Long Term Care

Before you start the long term care conversation with Dad, gather your thoughts and concerns about the future. These can serve as a starting point for asking great questions.

Remember, your goal isn’t to do all the talking. Be a great listener. Choose from a few of these ice breakers and questions to get Dad thinking about his health and the future.

Breaking the Ice

  • I was thinking about what happened to ________, and it made me realize…
  • I need to think about the future, will you help me?
  • Hey Dad, can you help me?

Thoughtful LTC Questions

  • Do you have any concerns about your health now or in the future?
  • Who do you want (or not want) to be involved in your care? Who do you want to make decisions on your behalf if you’re unable to?
  • Where you want (or not want) to receive care?
  • What affairs do you need to get in order or talk to loved ones about? (Personal finances, property, relationships)
  • Have you talked to an advisor or considered long term care insurance to pay for care in your home or a facility?


  • Don’t steer the conversation, let it happen naturally.
  • Be patient. Some people need more time than others.
  • Every attempt at a conversation is valuable and plants a seed.
  • This may be the first conversation of many. No need to have everything figured out right now.

One conversation can make all the difference. Start the long term care talk this Father’s Day.

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