Looking for creative ways to get more with your money? Even Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance has certain discounts and savings available. Get to know the discounts and options available to save you money on LTC coverage.

Marital (Partner) Discount

Are you married or have a long-term domestic partner? You may qualify for a marital or partner discount with certain LTC insurance carriers. You may be eligible to save up to 15% on your premiums just by being in a long-term relationship when applying for coverage.

Spousal Discount

Interested in applying for LTC coverage with your spouse or partner? If both of you apply and are approved, you’ll save even more with the spousal discount offered by many carriers. This hefty discount can range from 30% to 40% savings for you and your spouse or partner.

Applying with your spouse also gives you access to unique riders only available when you and your spouse or partner apply for coverage. Speak with a long-term care specialist to learn more about options available for couples.

Speak with an LTC specialist to learn more about discounts and savings.
Speak with an LTC specialist to learn more about discounts and savings.

Health Discount

Are you in excellent health? If so, you may qualify for a preferred health discount which could save you even more on your premiums.

LTC insurance is bought with your health. If underwriting determines you’re eligible for a preferred health discount, good health can benefit you in more ways than one.

Employer-Sponsored Discounts

When you buy Long-Term Care insurance through your employer, you have access to group rates or discounts on coverage. These group rates or discounts may also be extended to your spouse, parents, in-laws, and other family members. Some employer plans even offer employees reduced underwriting.

You’ll spend less on LTC coverage offered through your employer than you would by buying an individual policy on your own. If your employer offers LTCI coverage, it’s worth considering.

“If your employer offers LTCI coverage, it’s worth considering.”

Association Discount

Are you a member of a doctor, lawyer, or other association group offering discounts to members? Some associations are contracted with long-term care insurers to offer members a 5% discount on LTCI premium rates. Ask your association what discounts are available to you and if LTCI discounts are an option.

Valued Client Discount

Some LTC carriers offer valued client discounts for having multiple lines of coverage with the same carrier. If you have Life or other insurances through an LTCI carrier, ask if a valued client discount is available.

At LTC Consumer, we work hard to find our clients the best deals when buying Long-Term Care insurance. If you’re interested in learning more ways to save on coverage, contact us today to speak with an LTC specialist about plans and options.