Many often wonder, “Do I have to speak with an insurance agent to find out of the cost of long term care insurance?” We have good news for you.

There won’t be an awkward sales pitch at your kitchen table, or lengthy invasive phone calls. Much can be done over email and text, and a ton can be learned simply by perusing this website.

Our long term care insurance specialists help find you the right coverage based on your age, gender, marital status, and state.

What a Long Term Care Insurance Specialist Can Do for You

Curious if long term care insurance will fit within your budget? Our specialists can tell you. Simply fill out this form, and a specialist will help you choose a long term care plan that’s right for you – at a price you can afford.

We understand not everyone’s situation fits into a one-size-fits-all plan design. They’re always available to help you choose a plan that’s right for you. Our customer testimonials page gives you a glimpse of what to expect.

Our specialists offer a no-pressure environment focused on educating you on what’s available. They can help you find the best rate based on your age, location, health, and discounts available. Not only do they help you get coverage, they’ll also guide you in making a long term care plan for your future.

Free Resources Available 24/7

Curious to learn more about LTCI coverage? Check out the free guides, cost of care map, and other resources available on On our blog, we answer common long term care questions and offer resources to help.

Ready to learn more about you own long term care insurance costs? Click here to get started!


LTC Consumer is an independent, free online service to help consumers understand what long term care insurance is, how it works, and how to evaluate coverage options. Our mission is to provide an educational, no-pressure resource for learning about long term care planning, with the opportunity to speak with specialists who can help them.