Feeling overwhelmed or anxious as a family caregiver can be a normal feeling. A geriatric care manager can help relieve stress by helping you make caregiving decisions, supervise care, and navigate the elder care system.

Learn more about the role of geriatric care managers and how they may be a helpful resource to make daily life easier for you and your family.

What Is a Geriatric Care Manager?

Geriatric care managers are trained professionals who specialize in elder care issues. Their background is typically in nursing, gerontology, social work, or psychology. Care managers work with you to develop a long term care plan and help find the services your aging family member needs.

What Do Geriatric Care Managers Do?

Geriatric care managers are a great resource to help:

  • Make better decisions for short-term and long-term plans
  • Discuss complex issues and challenging topics
  • Address any emotional concerns
  • Suggest needed services through home visits
  • Navigate the medical system and coordinate medical services
  • Research and find experienced care personnel
  • Supervise care and advocate for your loved one
  • Find caregiver support
  • Evaluate living arrangements

What Does It Cost?

Geriatric care management services are not covered by most private insurance and are not currently covered by Medicaid or Medicare. Depending on where you live, services may cost $50-$200 an hour with initial visits (typically an hour and a half) charged at a higher rate.

While this can be expensive for many families, hiring a geriatric care manager may help save you money by lowering your expenses over time. They can help you plan ahead and avoid hasty decisions that may prove unnecessary or expensive.

Does My Family Need One?

Geriatric care managers are especially helpful when family members live far apart or are in the “sandwich generation” dealing with aging parents and children at home. If you are feeling overwhelmed by caring for an aging family member and managing their health care, sharing the burden with a professional could be a huge source of relief.

To find a Geriatric Care Manager in your area, there are organizations that can help you find a care manager near your family member’s home. You can also search Eldercare Locator for recommendations.

When interviewing a geriatric care manager for a family member, don’t forget to ask:

  • Are you a licensed geriatric care manager?
  • How long have you provided care management services?
  • Can you provide references?
  • How will you communicate information with me?
  • Are you available 24/7 for emergencies?
  • What are your fees?

At LTC Consumer, we help individuals and families plan ahead for a secure future. If you’re interested in learning more about insurance coverage to pay for long term care services, get a quote and speak with an LTC Specialist about your options.