If you have a smartphone or tablet, you’re likely familiar with using apps. But did you know caregiving apps can help make your tasks and priorities more manageable?

Caregiving apps help you keep all important information in one location. Get appointment and medication reminders, record notes from doctor visits, keep a log of activities, coordinate caregivers, and keep family and friends up-to-date with care information and photos of your loved one.

We’ve compiled a list of four popular caregiving apps to help you manage a loved one’s care. While a single app may not do everything you need, try a few to see which one you like best. Most caregiving apps are free or reasonably priced and all work to help make your life easier.


Keeping in touch with family can be challenging when some members live in different cities or states. CaringBridge helps connect you and your family to rally around a loved one who needs care. If a loved one has multiple caregivers, the app allows space for all caregivers and family members to share important information, updates, encouragement, or help with arranging care. You can track activities, medical updates, post photos, share stories, and more.

Keep everyone in the loop and help each other through a difficult time by using this comprehensive tool. The app is available for free on Apple and Android products.



CareZone also helps keep a loved one’s important information on a secured app. Invite family and close friends to view and participate in their care. The app allows you to list notes or observations, create a task list, log pertinent medication information, upload photos, and even send a voice message to up to 100 participants.

This app is great for storing information securely and sharing updates with family and friends. CareZone is free on Apple and Android products.

Caring Village

Caring Village helps make it easier for family caregivers to track and coordinate care for loved ones. The app includes a secured messaging system to coordinate care between relatives and friends. Create customized care plans and personalized to-do lists. The app also includes a calendar, document storage, medication list, and wellness journal to share entries with other participants.

Many say this app is easy to use and helps them stay on top of caregiving tasks. Caring Village is available for free on Apple and Android products.

"Caregiving apps help you keep all important information in one location."

Lotsa Helping Hands

Lotsa Helping Hands understands it takes a community. This caregiving app helps you create a community of care around your loved one. Invite family, friends, volunteers, and care partners to manage errands, appointments, and family gatherings on an interactive calendar. Participants can leave an encouraging note on the message board for the patient receiving care or others in the care circle.

This app is great for building a community care mindset for caregivers and family members. The app is available for free on Apple products.

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