The holiday season is a time of giving and sharing special moments with the ones you love. As you decorate the tree and string the lights, don’t forget about an important gift you can give to yourself and your family–the gift of a long term care plan. 

While it’s hard to imagine not being able to care for ourselves, 70% of people over age 65 will require some form of care in their lifetime due to an accident, illness, or a cognitive impairment. It’s estimated over five million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Having a long term care plan helps put your mind at ease. It also protects your family’s future from the financial, physical, and emotional burden of long term care. A good plan includes deciding where you want to receive care–at home, in an assisted living facility, community care, or nursing home–and how you will pay for care.

If you are in your retirement planning years, don’t forget to add Long Term Care Insurance to your budget. Apply for coverage with your spouse (if applicable) while you are both young and healthy enough to be approved for coverage. Premiums are based on your age when you buy, so it’s important to apply before your next birthday when rates automatically increase.

Without insurance, long term care services could take up a significant portion of your retirement budget. Unplanned long term care events can drain personal savings and investments leaving little for family members left behind. A long term care plan combined with Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) offers families peace of mind and more options for how and where you receive care when you need it.

This holiday season, give your family the gift of peace of mind with Long Term Care Insurance. Get a quote and speak with an LTC Specialist to learn more about your options and how to apply for coverage.

From all of us at LTC Consumer, we wish you and yours a very Happy Holidays and a Merry Long Term Care Plan!