Updated 6/8/18

Most people begin their research on any subject by going online and looking for information. Unfortunately, there are not many independent, unbiased resources on Long Term Care planning, which is why we created www.LTCconsumer.com It is our goal to create a place where anyone can get educated on this important matter.  One of the most common questions consumers want to know is, “How much does long term care insurance cost?”

Asking how much Long Term Care Insurance costs is understandable, but it is also like asking how much does it cost to buy a house. There are many factors like location, size and features that dramatically affect a home price. For example, the cost of a modest home in the heart of San Francisco would be very different than a similar home in Sweet Lips, TN. (Yes Sweet Lips, TN does exist!) The same is true for Long Term Care Insurance (more about the Factors in the Cost of LTCI).

This is why we created our Get a Long Term Care Insurance Quote page. It allows you to get in touch with a professional long term care insurance specialist.

We only require you fill in your:

  • Name – nice to meet you
  • Phone – for any follow-up questions
  • Email – to send the quote
  • Age – a key factor in the cost of insurance
  • State – plans vary by state

LTC Consumer understands the importance of long term care planning for your family’s financial future. Part of our mission is to do the right thing for consumers regardless of whether or not that results in the sale of insurance. When you click “Submit” your information will be sent to one of our dedicated Insurance Specialists who are there to help you by answering questions and providing more information. They only work with Long Term Care products and you will not receive unsolicited calls or emails from any other agent or company. Your privacy and security are important to us and we do not sell your information to any outside third parties.

While you can shop online, we recommend that consumers ultimately work with a Specialist in Long Term Care planning who fully understands your concerns and can show you the best options within your budget and needs.

There isn’t a one size fits all approach for long term care planning, and our specialists understand that.

LTC Consumer is an independent, free online service to help consumers understand what long term care insurance is, how it works, and how to evaluate coverage options. Our mission is to provide an educational, no-pressure resource for learning about long term care planning, with the opportunity to speak with specialists who can help them.