Tom’s Story: the Role of LTCI

Tom Gilmour is a Consumer Specialist with LTC Consumer. Below is his personal story about his wife’s parents, and their long term care experience.

“The role of long term care insurance really rang home for me when my wife’s father went into care for many years. Her parents were very successful home builders in Kansas and were worth about $3 million in undeveloped land at that time. Ray, her father, had always been healthy and active. When he started acting different he went to a doctor and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which devasted the whole family.

After that incident we knew he had to go to a memory care facility. In 2011 we were forced to sell their undeveloped land to pay for his long term care.

Things got progressively worse over 6 years. The first 5 years were at home under the care of his wife. Then one day he unknowingly pushed his wife down a flight of stairs, injuring her and scaring the rest of us. After that incident we knew he had to go to a memory care facility. In 2011 we were forced to sell their undeveloped land to pay for his long term care. At that time the country was going through the mortgage crisis, and banks simply weren’t lending money like they used to. We ended up being offered less than a third of the value, and due to the family’s circumstances, we were forced to accept.

Ray passed away in 2014, and now many years later we are watching my wife’s mother try to deal with long term care for herself with a dwindling estate. She is in an independent/ assisted/ nursing home community in Wichita Kansas and has been there since he died. She is 88 and mostly can still care for herself but she is beginning to forget a lot and we are watching her closely. If she runs out of money, which is a distinct possibility, she will move in with us. Her mother, my wife’s grandmother, died at 96, so we know there’s longevity in the family.


This is the same situation that happens to many families year in and year out and sure did underscore the need for this coverage to all of us in this family. A little preparation would have saved all of us a lot of stress and worries about how this will all play out in the end. My personal experiences are some of the reasons I got into this industry to guide other families.

The best part of my job is knowing I am helping people be able to stay in their homes as long as possible and afford good care without losing all of their retirement savings. I have had several clients call me when on claim to thank me, and that’s been really nice.”

Here’s what a few of Tom’s clients have said about him:

“Tom was very knowledgeable and worked with our schedule to find a plan we liked. (He) provided several options and the costs for care, plus the information to know what to expect with inflation. It was clear and we felt Tom was trying to find the best plan for us.”

-Mark, NC 12/28/17

“Great experience and made it simple for us to make a decision whether or not to go ahead with the application process. We knew basically nothing about LTC and everything was explained in detail and follow up calls were made to go over any further questions we had. (Tom was) knowledgeable, prompt, kind. He explained everything to our satisfaction.”

-Stuart, AR 5/5/18

“Tom is a knowledgeable, honest educator who is not a high pressure sales person. Not pushy, and I learned more about the affordability of long term care insurance.”

-Bernard, NJ 6/18/18

Speak with Tom or another specialist today to talk about your family’s long term care plan.