Heed the Advice of a Caregiver – Tips for Dealing with Long Term Care

Many caregivers pour their heart into caring for loved ones and making sure they’re taken care of and safe. Their position gives them a front row seat to experiencing long term care issues from the patient’s and the family’s perspectives.

Caregivers offer a unique perspective when they see the hurt and frustrations many families experience when a loved one needs care. If a caregiver could offer advice to a family dealing with a long term care issues, here’s what they’d tell you.

Don’t Take It Personally

As loved one’s age or develop cognitive impairments, they may seem like a different person. In fact, they may treat you differently or say things out of character.

Don’t take it personally. The disease, fear, and/or stress could be causing them to lash out. Step away when it gets to be too much and understand outbursts likely have nothing to do with you.

You Have Options for Care

You and your family members have options for receiving long term care services. Patients aren’t limited to nursing homes and assisted living. Home care, community daycare, and other options may be a better fit based on a patient’s needs.

Research the care options and facilities near you to find loving facilities or home care providers. If you have long term care insurance, care counselors can offer recommendations for care providers in your area.

Create a Long Term Care Plan Before You Need It

There is a 70% chance an individual will need long term care services at some point in their lifetime. While some long term care events happen suddenly due to an illness or an injury, individuals and family should take time to create a plan for caregiving before care is actually needed. While not everyone needs long term care insurance, everyone should have a long term care plan.

Long term care plans help ease stress, avoid family conflicts, and reduce financial burdens. Consider your options and create a plan with your family members in advance.

Guard Yourself Financially with Long Term Care Insurance

Perhaps one of the more stressful aspects families face is, “How are we going to pay for this?”

In fact, 62% of caregivers reported they used their own savings and retirement funds to pay for care.

Long term care insurance protects families financially by paying for all or a portion of home care, assisted living, nursing home care, and more. With long term care insurance, decisions are less based on, “Can we afford this?” and more centered around finding the best care available.

Do you and your family have a long term care plan? Take it from experienced caregivers and make a plan before you need one.

At LTC Consumer, we help individuals and families plan for a secure future. We’ll introduce you to a seasoned long term care specialist who will help you discover your options to protect your family financially. When your family is protected, you’ll have peace of mind about the future. Get a free quote for long term care coverage to get started today.