Long term care affects the whole family, so many people purchase long term care insurance as a couple.

Here’s why:  When you buy with your spouse or domestic partner you each get a thirty percent discount.  And buying through your employer means you receive unisex rates: a significant savings for women!

With Shared Care, your benefits are combined with your spouse/domestic partner’s benefits to make one pool of benefits.

Say each person buys a $100,000 benefit pool.

With Shared Care, there’s a combined pool of $200,000.

If your spouse or partner never uses their benefits, that $200,000 is available for you.

Should you need more care than anticipated you can dip into your partner’s pool for no additional cost. However, if one person uses the majority of the benefits, it will reduce what is left for the remaining spouse/partner.

In addition to the savings, Shared Care is automatically included in both you and your partner’s policy when you buy together.