“Jeff helped us apply for LTC Insurance with National Guardian Life (NGL). As WA residents under this new, upcoming excise tax and its one-time exemption, there has been a steep learning curve in a very short window of time, but Jeff has really helped us understand our options and what would work best for us, and then he guided us through the process.

Yesterday, Jeff learned that NGL, now inundated with new applications from WA residents, would stop taking applications at 6pm EST that very day. We had a meeting scheduled that day with Jeff for 8pm EST to finalize our application and provide our signatures. Jeff phoned us as soon as he got word of this new, sudden deadline, and we were able to finalize and submit our application with only minutes to spare before the deadline.

I cannot think of a greater example of someone caring for his clients and their goals,… Jeff was friendly, helpful, informative, and patient, and we won’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for LTC Insurance in the future. Thank you, Jeff!”