The national average cost of care varies by the type of care you are looking at. For example, the national average cost of care for home health care is $61,936 a year; while around the clock care in a nursing home averages $113,530 a year.1

The costs vary significantly based on what state and region you live in.  The cost of care for a nursing home in is around $0 a year, while the cost in is over % more at about $0 a year.

The top three locations to receive long term care are in your own home (home health care), in an assisted living facility, or in a nursing home. Additional options may be available in your area such as respite care and adult day care centers.

How or where you or a loved one receives care can vary in cost.

2022 Average Annual Cost of Care1

Home Health Care $0
Assisted Living Facility $0
Nursing Home $0


As you can see, home health care offers the flexibility to receive care in your home, but you may pay more for it than assisted living (depending on the level of care needed).

1 Based on 2022 Cost of Care Survey by Mutual of Omaha.  Home Health Aide and Private Room in a Nursing Home Care Facility.