This is the standard level of underwriting that most people go through. You will be asked to give your medical history for the past 3-5 years, including any medical conditions, surgeries, and tests you have had.  This includes the contact information for all physicians and specialists you have seen and all current and past medications you have been prescribed.

Phone Interview

Once the insurance company receives your application they, or one of their vendors, will contact you to schedule a time to review your application.  This call generally lasts 15-20 minutes but can be longer depending on your age or if more information is needed.  Due to privacy requirements the caller will not have a copy of your application, so they may ask you some of the same questions you answered on the application.

Here are tips to help make the call go faster.

  1. Schedule at your earliest convenience, allow 30 minutes in case it goes longer, and plan for a time when you can give it your full attention.
  2. Have medication names and dosages, and contact information for the physicians you have seen in the last 3 years.

Medical Records

A report will be pulled of all the prescription drugs you have been prescribed currently and over the past 3 years.  will also contact the doctors and specialists you have seen in the last 3 years to request your medical records for cause or if you are over the age of 60.  To speed up the process, please call your doctors and let them know you applied for this insurance and ask that they promptly reply to the company’s requests.  Some physicians and clinics require a special authorization to be signed before they will release the records.  If this is the case the insurance company will contact you to obtain this.

Face to Face Interview

Rarely, but depending on your age or medical conditions, you may be required to complete an in-person interview with a nurse. This is usually performed at your home and lasts 40-60 minutes.  The nurse will take your height and weight, blood pressure, review medical history, and perform a standard memory test. To protect your privacy, the nurse will not have a copy of your application.  Therefore, expect to repeat some information you’ve already provided.

The approval process is normally 4-6 weeks; however, it could be longer if your doctors are slow to respond or if you have a face to face interview.