Thank You for Completing Your Portion of the Application

Thank you for completing and e-signing your portion of the Mutual of Omaha application.   You will be notified by email once the entire application is complete and submitted to the carrier.

Once the application is submitted, the underwriting process and timeline can vary but generally takes 6-8 weeks until the carrier makes a final decision. Below are some scenarios that may take place:

  • Mutual of Omaha will pull a drug screen to verify your prescription medications.
  • The carrier will pull your medical records and review your doctors’ notes. We encourage clients to call their doctors and let them know you applied for LTC insurance and for them to promptly reply to the carrier’s requests.
  • You may receive a call from Mutual of Omaha  or one of their vendors. This is to verify medical information and sometimes perform a standard cognitive test. These calls generally last 30-45 minutes. Please do your best to complete this as it will help expedite getting your policy issued.
  • Sometimes the carrier will send a nurse to meet with you personally and perhaps collect some lab work, take your height and weight and/or perform a standard cognitive exam. This is to evaluate your current health.

Your Consumer Specialist will be following your application throughout the underwriting process to make sure it is done promptly and if anything needs attention. Feel free to contact them if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you again, we appreciate your trust in working with us and giving us the opportunity to earn your business.