Why Work with a Long Term Care Specialist

Why should you work with a Long Term Care Specialist? Can you buy LTC insurance from anyone?

Though many insurance professionals may help you with long term care planning, it’s impossible for any person to understand all lines of insurance.

That’s why working with an insurance professional who specializes only in long term care insurance and long term care planning is beneficial for many reasons. Watch this brief 1.5-minute video or continue reading to learn more.

Reason #1: LTC Specialists Save You Time

Need your questions answered in one spot? LTC Specialists save you time by being your one-stop resource for long term care planning.

Rather than shopping the market yourself, an LTC Specialist has access to top insurance carriers and can quickly provide quotes for coverage based on your age, state, health, and budget.

You won’t be pressured into insurance you can’t afford. A specialist will ask questions to understand your needs. They help you find the best coverage available at a price you can afford.

Reason #2: LTC Specialists Save You Money

With access to multiple insurance carriers and LTCI plans, specialists can help save you money by comparing plans and rates in the state where you live. Insurance professionals who specialize in long term care know which policy features are important and where you can alter features to save money.

Are health issues a problem? LTC Specialists know how to shop the market based on specific health issues to maximize your chances of getting covered at the best rate available.

Who Is an LTC Specialist?

An LTC Specialist isn’t limited to one insurance company. Specialists work as brokers and are appointed with multiple insurance companies to shop the market on your behalf.

Specialists are licensed in each state they sell insurance and are up-to-date on their credentials and LTC Continuing Education (C.E.) training. LTC Specialists focus solely on long term care planning and typically help 10 or more individuals or couples apply for policies each month.

LTC Consumer Connects You with Experienced LTC Specialists

At LTC Consumer, we believe the process of buying long term care insurance should be simple and without pressure. We offer you access to several top LTC Specialists who are licensed in your state and experienced in long term care.

Each one-on-one session is low pressure. You’ll speak with a specialist over the phone or by screen share from the comfort of your own home. They’ll listen to your needs and concerns before creating long term care insurance options that are right for you.

Get an instant quote for long term care insurance today and speak with an experienced LTC Specialist about your options.