10 Last-minute Gifts for a Loved One in a Care Facility

Buying holiday gifts for a loved one in a care facility can be mind rattling and frustrating. Most of the time people in that situation are in a small space, and already have much of what they need. There are, however, a few great last-minute ideas to provide an excellent and thoughtful gift.

  • Robe, weighted blanket, comfy clothes – Elderly people often have poor circulation and get cold easier. What better to receive than cozy, warm items?
  • Slippers, fuzzy socks, Shoes with Velcro – With age comes stiff fingers, so easy to slip on slippers, fuzzy socks with grippers, or shoes with Velcro closure are best for footwear.
  • Doll, stuffed animal – There’s something comforting for dementia patients about being maternal and snuggling something. They will often snuggle and sooth the doll.
  • Music from childhood – Find music from their childhood and play it on your visits or purchase an easy-to-use player of some sort. Watch as they remember “the good ole days.”
  • Digital Picture Frame – Fill the SD card with a lifetime of memories and they can see their loved ones rotating through all day. If you’re able to label photos, that can be helpful as well.

    Take your loved one out for a sweet treat and a change of scenery.
    Take your loved one out for a sweet treat and a change of scenery.
  • An Album of pics from their life – If digital isn’t their thing, you can also create an album of photographs, being sure to clearly label how everyone is related in large print.
  • Clock with time, day date – Oftentimes dementia patients forget what day it is or even what time of day it is. This clock tells them all that information in a large, clear format.
  • Fidget blanket / fidget board – If you notice your loved one constantly fidgeting or picking, a fidget blanket or board is an ideal gift. Many of these can be found on Etsy.
  • Manicure/pedicure – The best gift, is always the gift of time with a loved one. Pick up your loved one for an afternoon and go get a manicure and pedicure together.
  • Meal out / homemade cookies – No one turns down sweets at the holidays. If you make family recipes or traditional treats, your loved one can savor their holiday gift.

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