Share the Love – Shared Care Long Term Care Insurance

As you and your spouse or partner envision the future together, have you thought about how you’ll take care of each other in the event one or both of you needs long term care?

Shared Care is a Long Term Care Insurance rider that shares the love when you apply for coverage with your spouse or partner and are both approved. Learn more about Shared Care and how this LTC rider benefits couples.

Buying with Your Spouse/Partner Saves $$

You share everything with your spouse, so why not your long term care insurance plan? Applying for Long Term Care Insurance with your spouse offers premium discounts that save you money. In addition, applying together makes you eligible to choose unique policy features, such as Shared Care, designed just for couples.

Share the Love with Shared Care

Sharing is caring, and with Shared Care, you and your spouse or partner can share the wealth.

The Shared Care rider for Long Term Care Insurance acts as a bridge between your individual policy benefits and those of your spouse/partner. When you buy identical policies, the Shared Care “bridge” allows you to access each other’s benefits in the event one of you exhausts your pool of money and needs more care. If one partner passes away while the policies are inforce, the surviving partner receives the deceased partner’s remaining benefits.

With Shared Care, you don’t have to worry about not using your benefit. Knowing your spouse can access your portion if they need it, and receives the benefit if you pass away, offers an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

Start the Long Term Care Conversation

As you shower your spouse or partner with love and affection this season, now is a great time to reflect on the past and talk about your future.

Get the long term care conversation started by gathering your thoughts and expressing how you feel about the future and your care needs. Share stories of friends or family in similar situations and suggest creating a long term care plan together.

Need information or advice?

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Don’t forget to share the love this Valentine’s Day with Long Term Care Insurance and Shared Care!