Is it safe to buy LTC Insurance Online?

Purchasing any sort of insurance requires quite a bit of personal contact and financial information. A long term care insurance application goes a step further and requires a fairly detailed health history. Is it safe to put that kind of information on the internet with an agent you barely know? Yes, at LTC Consumer it most definitely is, and here’s why.

LTC Consumer agents only sell top-rated carriers. These companies are committed to creating excellent products that will stand the test of time. They have strong financial backing in order to pay claims in the future. Top-rated carriers also have extensive security protocols and teams in places with their online software. Carriers are graded by Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, and A.M. Best Company.

Consumer protections are also built into products based on national consumer standards.

Each state that our long term care agents get licensed in runs a background check on that person. Resident states require agents to take Ethics and Law courses, and to renew these consistently in order to keep their license. Any carrier that an agent sells performs their own background checks and requires certain levels of compliance in order to sell their products. If an agent isn’t up to their standards, carriers won’t work with them.

Consumer protections are also built into products based on national consumer standards. There are state disclosure forms, personal worksheet information on rate increases, and a free look period for the policy. Agents are also required to provide a Consumer Shopper’s Guide when an application is filled out. National standards are in place to protect consumers and keep them highly informed.

We want our customers to feel safe and secure with the knowledge that their privacy is important to us and their financial information is secure. LTC Consumer agents have decades of experience and satisfied customers. We pride ourselves on the education process before any sort of sale, and we believe that not everyone needs a long term care policy, but everyone should have a long term care plan. If you have any questions about your own long term care plan, speak to a specialist today.