How to Get LTCI for $100/Month

Is it really possible to get long term care insurance for $100 per month? Yes!

Watch this quick two-minute video or continuing reading below to learn how you can save on your long term care insurance premiums.

Interested in lower monthly payments for long term care insurance? Couples can buy long term care insurance policies for under $200 per month (that’s less than $100 per person!).

At LTC Consumer, we believe some long term care coverage is better than none. If you have a limited budget, you can still get coverage to cover some of your long term care needs in the future.

By simply changing the benefit amount, you can build a long term care plan to fit your budget.

Long Term Care Insurance for $100/Month per Person

The following are a few examples based on a couple with standard health rates, a minimum $100,000 benefit pool, a 90-day waiting period, 3% compound inflation, and shared care coverage.

Age Monthly Rate for Couple LTCI Benefit Pool
45 $195 $153,600
55 $191 $187,200
65 $197 $105,600

As you can see, by adjusting the benefit pool, the monthly rate for a couple is less than $200 per month. That’s less than $100 per month per person!

Couples can save by applying for coverage together and sharing their benefit pool with the Shared Care rider. This rider enables you to dip into your spouse or partner’s benefit pool if you exhaust your benefit and need additional coverage.

Other LTCI Policy Features to Consider

Other LTCI policy features may lower or raise the premium rate you pay. These features include:

  • Choosing a daily or monthly benefit
  • The length of your waiting period (or elimination period)
  • The inflation growth option (higher inflation protection results in higher premiums)
  • Other additional riders

By changing one or more of these features, you can save more money on your long term care policy.

Build Your Long Term Care Plan Now

Don’t let high premiums overwhelm you. No matter your budget, you can have long term care coverage to cover all or a portion of your care needs when a long term care event strikes. Work with an experienced LTC Specialist to learn more about your options and build a plan to match your monthly budget.

Curious how much long term care insurance costs? Use our instant LTCI quoting tool and visit our interactive cost of care map to learn more about the cost of care in your state.