What is Home Health Care?

One of the greatest things about long term care insurance is that it allows YOU to be in control. As a policyholder you get to choose the type of care you want, where you want to receive it, and who provides it. In the event of a claim care can be provided in the home or in a facility. Long term care insurance companies have found that the majority of claimants choose to receive care in the home, which can range from homemaker services all the way up to 24 hour skilled nursing.

Home health care can come in a variety of ways, all given in the comfort of your own home. Based on the national average cost of care, home health care can also be less expensive than care you may receive in a hospital or facility (like an assisted living facility or skilled nursing facility). While you get to choose who provides the care, most long term care insurance companies require you to use a licensed provider, which is usually a person or entity licensed as a home health agency in your state.

Home health care services are usually started with an order from your doctor stating that the care is needed for a period of 90 days or more. Examples of home maker services range from help with daily tasks:

  • Preparing meals
  • Helping you get out of bed
  • Getting dressed
  • Transferring from the house to a car to make it to a doctor’s appointment

To tasks more appropriate for a skilled nurse like:

  • Ensuring you are taking the right medications and helping administer them
  • Monitoring your blood pressure, heart rate or breathing
  • Rehabilitation support

As you can imagine, depending on your health, abilities, and financial resources, you may need care just for a couple hours a day, a few days a week or you may need 24 hour monitoring. The costs grow with the more care you require, so it is important for you to think about the amount of care you want to insure for when researching policies.

Talk to a long term care specialist who can help you navigate these questions or recommend the best plan for you.