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Personal Story: How Long-Term Care Insurance Changes Caregiving

Nathan Sanow is the Executive Director of LTC Consumer. He, like many of us, has a personal story that involves a long-term care experience.

“According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, 52% of Americans will require professional long-term care services in their lifetime.” Having worked in the insurance industry for nearly 20 years I know the stats and have heard the stories of people on both sides who did and did not have coverage. But nothing prepares you for when it happens to your family.

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LTC Policy Features: What Is Contingent Nonforfeiture?

Contingent Nonforfeiture_

Insurance policy features and terms can sometimes be confusing and difficult to understand. One of the commonly confused Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) policy terms is contingent nonforfeiture. Especially when you hear two versions of nonforfeiture: contingent nonforfeiture and a nonforfeiture rider.

First, we’ll explain what contingent nonforfeiture is and how it benefits policyholders. Then, we’ll discuss what makes the nonforfeiture rider different.

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Genworth and China Oceanwide Merger Update

Some may be aware that one of the largest providers of long term care insurance, Genworth Financial, is currently amid a merger with China Oceanwide.  Genworth Financial Group and China Oceanwide Holdings Co. Ltd. recently agreed to extend the deadline of their merger until July 1, 2018 in hopes of achieving government approval.  The merger was announced in 2016 when Oceanwide offered to pay $2.7 billion for the American insurance company. This past March, the Australian regulators approved the deal moving it a step forward in addition to previous approvals from regulators in the states of South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Vermont.

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The Oldest Living American – Living to be a Supercentenarian

What does it take to be a supercentenarian in the United States? You earn the title of supercentenarian when you’ve lived to be at least 110 years old after surpassing centenarian status (living to age 100). There have been over 700 validated claims of American supercentenarians by the Gerontology Research Group.

As of January 20, 2018, the oldest living American is Delphine Gibson, born August 17, 1903 in South Carolina. She has lived 114 years, 156 days, and is still going strong. The next runner-up is Lessie Brown who was born September 22, 1904 in Georgia and has lived 113 years and 120 days. There are currently 52 living American supercentenarians with 1 emigrant supercentenarian living in Spain. Continue reading

Planning for Health Care in Retirement – Are You on the Right Track?

Are you planning for health care costs during retirement? If so, you may be like most people who are underestimating these expenses.

While Medicare Part A coverage is free for those who qualify, it only covers a portion of hospitalization. Other Medicare coverage is not free such as Medicare Part B, supplemental insurance, or prescription plans. In addition, you should consider other out-of-pocket health care costs when planning your retirement budget. It’s estimated Medicare will only cover 50-60% of your health care needs. The premiums and out-of-pocket costs will only continue to go up as time goes on.

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