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Cathie Lewis

Consumer Specialist

Cathie Lewis

Cathie Lewis joined LTC Consumer in 2010. Her goal is to educate people on how long term care insurance (LTCI) policies work, what they cover, and why long term care coverage is important to consider. She considers herself an educator first, a counselor second, and a broker facilitating the application third.

Cathie became an LTCI Specialist after experiencing a personal event with her mother. Cathie explains she “was drawn into the complexity and emotionality of having to make decisions for a parent needing long term care. My mother did not have insurance, and the decisions I needed to make were just that much more difficult.”

Cathie has a perspective on LTC and LTCI that only experience can provide. Because she was once the consumer on the other side of the table, she values “being honest; not a broker looking at my financial gain.”

She was attracted to the LTC Consumer model as it allowed her to “work with people from all corners of the US in a noninvasive format. The old model of home visits is one that most people really aren’t comfortable with, and this circumvents that process.” As Cathie puts it, “It is a win-win in my opinion that works well for all!”

NIPR: 12015746
Licensed in: CA (#0G32708), CO, IA, IL, KS, LA (#509264), MN (#40201839), MO, OH, OR, TX (#1807907)

Here's what people have to say about Cathie Lewis...

What did you find most useful about this process?

“Being able to follow on her website.”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“Easy to understand.”


“I knew that it was important to have LTC, because Dave Ramsey said it was.  However, I did not know all of the intricacies of the insurance.  The fact that you [Cathie] spent such a long time speaking to me, even though you knew that I already had Long Term Care through LTC Partners, spoke volumes to me.  Your generosity, and willingness to simplify something that seemed incomprehensible to me reflected your unselfishness and your kindness.”

Cathie is very helpful, kind, and competent. She is great at her job!  This has all been done in a way that maximizes convenience for me. I appreciate that.  Everything was handled well; things that were supposed to happen did; I never felt pressured.”

“Her knowledge and expertise in making the process effortless and simple. Seamless process, great rates, reputable carrier.”

What did you find most useful about this process?

“Being able to see everything on the computer screen in front of us in our own home.  Our representative clearly explained everything in a way that we could understand the process.”

What did you find most useful about this process?

“The convenience of doing it at home on the computer.  It was easy to do and understand.”

“The experience was easy, no high pressure sales, good experience.”

“Very relatable agent. Was able to make this process very understandable.  Efficient. Knowledgeable agent. No hidden agenda.”

What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“f they want the best service with a very nice and knowledgeable person give her [Cathie] a call.”

Cathie was fantastic explaining all our options and providing pricing. We had several stops and starts along the way and she could not have been more kind and patient.  She was invaluable and made sure we had everything we needed to proceed.  Look no further. You need this insurance, get it done.  Cathie will guide you the entire way.”

“I have been in contact with several agents from different insurance companies with no good results, Cathy Lewis from LTC Consumer was so helpful and explained the plans offered in great detail. It was made clear to me how LTC insurance works and why it is a good idea to have some protection in place as we get older.”

“Very well informed on the facts. Personable and respectful. Willing to give opinion or suggestions.”


What would you tell a friend or colleague about your experience?

“Very simple and informative. Gives pertinent info for today and the future.”

“My LTC Specialist is very patient in explaining things more than once for my understanding. She is very pleasant to visit with. She has good understanding of her product. She prepared me well for appointment in my home with the insurance nurse. There have been no unnecessary delays at any point in the process.  She has excellent communication skills and is able to give good explanations. That is most helpful when discussing a product about which I had no previous information. It has all been positive.”

“Good communication and follow up.  Helped me focus on what i needed to do.  Easy to talk to, trusting, answers to you questions.”

Cathie Lewis was excellent. She was quick to respond and demonstrated great follow-through. She was the one that made this a satisfying process.  The entire process was quite educational. Getting good information and having several insurance companies to choose from very helpful.  No need to go to any other LTC resource. I did and hands down, this is the best service I received. Glad I met Cathie first.”

Cathie was always in communication with me, she was able to meet my time needs, she was highly professional yet personable.  She was very patient in explaining TWICE, once to me , then to my son, so I could feel confident I made a good decision.”

“Anyone who has Cathie Lewis as an agent should thank their lucky stars. Cathie was so patient with us when we asked questions and treated us as friends in her communications, whether it was by phone or internet. When we had to navigate the ins and outs of Long Term Care Insurance, she explained the different combinations of packages in clear, concise terms and answered the many questions we had. She used state of the art computer techniques so we could easily and quickly compare packages and make an informed choice. Thanks to Cathie we have peace of mind that we have the correct LTC for our future needs and we could not have made our choices without her help. Cathie is so knowledgeable about the industry and we highly recommend her as an LTCI agent.”

“I enjoyed working with Cathie in my search for long-term care insurance.  She was a very professional, customer focused representative with deep knowledge of long-term care products.  This is a complex product with many considerations and she was very helpful in providing me with great information and guidance on the features offered by each carrier. She was also of terrific in helping me put together the application and ensuring that it was complete and clear for the underwriters.

Cathie always looked out for my interest and needs and was always there to answer my questions. I always felt she was working to help me solve a problem and find an answer.  I particularly appreciated the extra effort that she put into developing a number of insurance options and helping me understand the financial consequences of each of them.  What was particularly great was that she had a tool that let her construct various scenarios on the fly that provided me with cost and payout information using different assumptions.

I would highly recommend using Cathie.  She represents the major carriers and can provide unbiased information on costs and feature across major carriers.”

Cathie, I want to thank you for your awesome help through all of this!  And I know your not done, but I feel a huge relief to be this far into the process.  You are soooooooo good at what you do.  I am very appreciative that you kept in contact with me to help me get the appointment to happen.  I am going to tell everyone I know to call you for LTC insurance.  If you want to send me a few cards I would love to give them out.  You are the only person who called me back!!!  I am loving working with you!”

Cathie Lewis was very professional & efficient.”